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Soothingminds November Newsletter (sent on 05/11/2009)
Soothingminds October Newsletter (sent on 29/09/2009)
Soothingminds June 2009 Ezine (sent on 01/06/2009)
Soothingminds July newsletter (sent on 07/07/2008)
Soothingminds May ezine (sent on 19/05/2008)
Soothingminds December Ezine (sent on 10/12/2007)
Soothingminds November Ezine (sent on 10/11/2007)
Soothingminds September Ezine (sent on 03/09/2007)
Soothingminds August Ezine (sent on 23/07/2007)
Soothingminds May Ezine (sent on 09/05/2007)
Soothingminds April Ezine (sent on 05/04/2007)
Soothingminds March Ezine (sent on 16/01/2007)
Soothingminds January 2007 (sent on 18/12/2006)
Soothingminds December Ezine (sent on 16/12/2006)