Soul Contract Readings

By Catherine Steer 

Have you ever wondered what your life purpose might be or what kind of special talents you have yet to discover? Are you in need of clarity, direction or confirmation of where you are heading? Would you like to understand more about your relationships? A Soul Contract Reading can help you discover all this and more says Catherine Steer, Master Teacher and Healer and Practitioner of Soul Contract Readings. 

The system is based on the ancient Hebrew which is one of the 5 sacred languages. The name that we are given at birth holds the resonance of a certain sound which in turn attracts to us all that we need to experience in order to learn our lessons, achieve our goals and optimise our talents. 

A Soul Contract Reading can be very beneficial on many levels. It is a powerful, accurate and positive, in depth, channelled system of spiritual interpretation. Every chart and reading is unique to each individual as the Soul Contract is based on the sound vibration of the name you were given at birth.  

The Soul Contract is the set of lessons (karma) & goals that the Soul puts in place to learn and to grow during this life time. It also outlines the talents & gifts that you have chosen to work with as well as your overall soul destiny. A Soul Contract is an amazingly powerful system for direct interpretation of these aspects. 

It is an accurate & in depth chart which enables you to understand, manages and overcome the current challenges in your life & sheds light upon your life’s purpose & goals. Everyone has a set of physical & spiritual lessons, goals and talents to help us achieve all that the Soul desires to achieve in this lifetime.

The Soul Contract Chart perfectly describes what these are and how you can use your talents to overcome & move through the lessons with grace & a greater sense of ease. When we understand our lives from this perspective we are able to see & appreciate the innate perfection within us and our lives. Something clicks and falls into place.

Catherine Steer is one of a few Practitioners of this powerful system in the UK and gives readings in person in West Sussex and Surrey as well as readings over the telephone. She is passionate about this aspect of her work because she has witnessed for herself the transformation in her clients as a result of having a reading. Catherine is able to support her clients following a reading by working with them to clear the karma and limiting beliefs and to activate their talents more fully to help them achieve their goals and destiny in life.

Catherine says; “The Soul Contract Reading System is the most all encompassing, insightful tool that I have used to date and brings such clarity to the individual and their life and why things are the way they are with them. Soul Contract Readings are here to help you to be all that you are born to be. I believe that they are truly a gift of grace to help us as we seek to understand why our life works the way it does and why we feel certain pulls to do the things we do. 

It sheds light upon those things we find challenging, those things we are magnetically drawn towards, our life’s work and the destiny for each of us. Soul Contract Readings can help illuminate your path and purpose more clearly to give you an added sense of focus and direction. It can help you focus your healing more specifically in those aspects which will bring great rewards. I love this work and the results it brings.”

What are the Benefits of having a Soul Contract Reading?

It can specifically help to:

  • Provide a sense of direction, purpose & meaning to your life & why it works the way it does
  • Offer a map and a compass by which to navigate your life
  • Shed light upon your life purpose & goals
  • Highlight the talents you have chosen to work with
  • Give context to your life, work and relationships
  • Make informed choices
  • Provide a profound insight into why you are the way you are
  • Understand your experiences, dreams & difficulties in life
  • Highlight potential areas for personal growth & development
  • Place your life experiences into perspective & show you where you are going
  • Empower you to engage with your Soul’s purpose & destiny if you so choose

For parents: having a Soul Contract Reading for a child can be really helpful in understanding how best to guide them as they move through their early years into young adulthood. It can also help parents to understand the relationship dynamic within the family unit and how to bring greater harmony and ease to all situations. Understanding the patterns underlying the behaviour can really help parents have a much greater awareness and sense of compassion for all concerned.

When is a good time to have a Soul Contract Reading?
Catherine says; “In my experience, no one ever comes to a Soul Contract Reading by accident- there is always likely to be a powerful reason why they have discovered this system. It is always a decision that they have personally made on some level. Generally speaking, people come for readings when they are seeking answers to situations in their lives, when they feel ‘stuck’, at a crossroads in their life or dissatisfied. They may feel something is “missing” or the sense that ‘there must be more to life than this.’ Sometimes it can be as simple as a longing to know who they are at a soul level.”
What does a Soul Contract Reading involve?
Catherine prepares the chart in advance based on your birth name which describes the energies set in place by your soul for this lifetime. An appointment is made for your Soul Contract Reading and the reading takes up to 1-1½ hours. Catherine explains and explores the Chart with you, encouraging you to reflect on how your contract plays out in your life. 

She invites you to consider how you might use this information to understand your life, the patterns that occur and how to create change to help you move forwards more easily and with compassion and understanding. Your reading is recorded so that you can listen to it as many times as you feel the need to. Catherine also offers support following your Reading to help you to clear the patterns created by the karma & come into full alignment with your Contract to support.

About Catherine Steer
Catherine is an experienced facilitator of personal development and spiritual growth. She works with individuals and groups to help them transform limiting beliefs and is dedicated to empowering people to be all that they are born to be. Catherine blends many different approaches and spiritual practices together with her own innate wisdom and truth. She offers courses, coaching, meditation CDs, one to one sessions and Email based development programmes. She is a channel and a Master Teacher and Healer. She also works with the energies of the Goddess and has developed the Lumi-N-Essence System of Light and runs Sacred Retreats to France and within the UK.

Soul Contract Readings are available with Catherine either in person or over the telephone. Each reading takes 1 hour to prepare and lasts for approximately 1.30 hours. Your reading is recorded and you are also given a copy of your Soul Contract for you to assimilate, integrate & work with following your reading. Each reading costs £95 which includes all preparation and your reading itself. Payment can be made by cheque or via credit or debit card.

If you would like to learn more about the background of Soul Contract Readings please visit Catherine’s website:

To book your Soul Contract Reading please contact Catherine direct;
UK:  01798 839200
Into:  +44798 839200



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