Life Colours

Life Colours
By Pamala Oslie

The different colours of an aura are created in much the same manner as sounds are created. With sounds, the faster the vibration the higher the frequency of sound, The vibration of a bass note on a piano resonates at a slower rate than the high C note. Similarly, as the waves of energy that make up the aura change their speed of vibration, the colours change.

In the aura, a slower vibration creates red and orange. Faster vibrations create blue, violet and indigo. A bass note is not better than or worse than a high note. It is just a different sound. Likewise, orange in the aura is not better or worse than blue. Different colours signify different desires for a variety of experiences on the planet. Life would be mundane and uninspiring if we all had the same aura colours, just as a song would be quite monotonous if it were composed of only one note.

You aura contains many different-coloured bands. The one or two bands closest to your body reveal your priorities, methods of processing life, and primary purpose for being on the planet. These are your Life Colours. These bands don not usually change. the outer bands of the aura, however, frequently change colours and positions, reflecting what is happening with you at a given time. For simplification, I have categorized the Life Colours into three families: the physical colours, the mental colours and the emotional colours.

Those with physical colours process information predominantly through their physical bodies, through touch. These colours include Red, Orange, Magenta and Yellow. Those with mental colours process life intellectually, by first gathering information, then analysing it. These colours include Logical Tan, Abstract Tan, Sensitive Tan, Environmental Tan and Green. Those with emotional colours - Blue, Violet, Indigo, Lavender and Crystal- process life primarily through their feelings, emotions and intuition. Some Life Colours are predominantly in males; while other are predominantly in females.

I believe that, on a deep level, we have all chose our Life Colours. However, we are not restricted to living only within our colours. Choosing to come into this life with particular Life Colours does not mean we cannot experience the qualities, purpose, priorities, and methods of other Life Colours. Although we have our original Life Colours, we also continuously add other colours into the outer bands of our auras.

Through years of working with people, however, I have discovered that people cannot usually ignore or discard the attributes of their original Life Colour without experiencing a sense of disconnection, confusion, and disharmony within themselves. Most people need to fulfil their original Life Colours before they can expand to the other colours. They must first love and accept who they are before they can satisfactorily experience the qualities of the other colours.

Some people are born with one Life Colour; others are born with two which I call Combination Colours. These show up as the two bands of colour that rare consistently the closest colours around the body. Having two Life Colours can be a powerful combination, giving an additional dimension to one's abilities, or it can create a great deal of inner conflict.

The reason s for choosing two Life Colour vary with each individual. Some people choose tow Life Colour because the qualities of the second colour add more power, energy, fun or creativity to their main goals in life. Another reason is to ensure balance, practicality, responsibility or self-reliance's.

When people have two Life Colours in the same aura family - for example, a Blue/Violet combination, which has two colours in the emotional family - they may be living the equivalent of two lifetimes at one. Perhaps they are in a hurry to experience their life lessons so they will not have to physically incarnate on this planet again. Or perhaps they did not learn all the lessons (or receive all the benefits) from their last life, and so have carried them over into this lifetime.

People with this Combination Colour often sense they are living two lifetimes at one. As they switch from one life experience to another (without needing to die or change bodies), they usually feel a dramatic shift in their lives. Their personalities may change drastically.

The loving Blue who has held marriage and relationships as main priorities throughout this life suddenly discovers a burning desire to go into the world and make an impact on the planet. She can no longer stay at home and be a home maker. Her familiar relationships, career, priorities, and emotions begin to feel alien to her. She feels like an entirely different being.

Frequently, people add another colour to their auras sometime during their lifetime, and that colour becomes a part of their personality. You don't need to know whether you were born with certain Life Colours or added them later in life as long as you are happy and those colour benefit you. For example, if you came here as a Blue and have added Yellow to your aura, and the addition is having a positive influence on your life, then enjoy it.

If you feel, however, that you were born a Yellow/Violet, but added Logical Tan to please your parents or to be accepted by society, that extra colour may be causing you to suppress who you really are. In this case you may want to consider letting go of the characteristics of that colour and allow your self to explore the qualities of your true Life Colours.

This is an extract from Pamala Oslie's book Life Colors, What the Colors in your Aura Reveal and is printed by New World Library, Novato, California. The ISBN is 1-57731-169-8 and visit their website at

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