What is Sacred Geometry

By Karen L French 

Let’s start with the word ‘geometry’, a word that terrifies many people because of its association with mathematics and, sadly, not a subject that the majority of people enjoy. Putting aside the fear of equations, geometry in the simplest terms is the nature of shapes in space.

Shapes are the visual manifestation of mathematics that structure reality. This means that every time you draw a picture, sculpt, or build, you are actually using complex geometric equations.  Nature uses geometry in all of her creations; plants, animals, earth, even clouds and coastlines that appear random have fractal geometry behind their formation.

Geometry is everywhere, embedded in you, in everything around you and even in your actions. Throughout the World people are inspired by the beautiful imagery, clarity and precision of geometry.

What is sacred geometry? This is a fairly modern term that is often used to convey the idea that geometry is the organising force behind the Universe; therefore all its manifestations and applications by Nature and humans are inherently sacred. Geometry is frequently referred to as the ‘architect’s blueprint for the Universe’. 

However, many people view geometry as only having a functional and structural purpose. Indeed you use geometry all the time in this way to build houses, chairs, lay out roads, to bake a cake and so on. The key is INTENT, the thought process behind the use and your perception. When you deliberately use geometry for a sacred purpose then it is truly ‘sacred geometry’.

There is far more to geometry than its purpose to structure and arrange. Shapes and numbers contain unique powers of their own, depending on which facet of reality they represent. When specific shapes are used with intent for whatever reason, individually or in specific combinations, their powers can be harnessed. And, this is why certain geometric shapes and principles are in symbols, tools, buildings and images are employed in sacred purposes.

By extension you can use geometry with intent for other reasons, like product logo designs, to utilize the power of the shape to influence people, but this isn’t usually pure ‘sacred geometry’. The same is true for modern house designs where no sacred intent is given to the location and layout; unlike temples where location, layout, proportion, decoration and use are all vital to the energies being harnessed.

Geometry is evident across all cultures in sacred applications; buildings, artwork, decoration and symbols like the Tai Chi.

This latent potential in shapes, and the numbers behind them, has largely been forgotten because it is no longer taught or revered. Another reason is that the knowledge and applications became so complex that fewer and fewer people were trained in it and it became ‘hidden’. Interestingly its potential is being remembered by increasing numbers of people. As it is build into all of us, like our body proportions and atomic structures, why should this be surprising? Sacred geometry is something you can use without having to know complex mathematics, because much of it you know intuitively, especially the energies of simple shapes. 

Complexity generates confusion, simplicity provides some clarity. Basic shapes are generally taken for granted, especially the circle, square and triangle. The first things children draw, yet few question their existence, their natures, what they mean. Consider, would a triangular television make sense? What about the simple circle that isn’t a number (like 4 is a square)? 

A huge circular moon dominates the sky, circular ripples form in water, more significantly you intuitively notice the cyclic nature of the seasons and represent this as a circle. It is no co-incidence that you refer to your social circles, work circles, family circles... Circles represent the dynamics of time, a hugely complex idea. 

Time facilitates events and through events change ripple out from the still moment, infinitely small at the centre, to the edge of the infinitely large circle encompassing all time. Time appears to move as a circle. It is eternal with no beginning or end. And so you use the circle in your language, as a symbol, in tools like clocks and in sacred applications such as the Medicine Wheel, Stonehenge and Mayan Calendar.

The circle is fundamental to all of geometry. It surrounds the shapes within, binding them and their purposes, giving structure to the moment.

Personally, I have always had a fascination with the patterns hidden, or obvious, which organise and orchestrate all of our lives. Our ancestors had the same curiosity. At a key point humanity developed the ability to look beyond the surface and question the dynamics of their surroundings. Our imaginations give us this capacity.  

We notice order through close observation; we notice the effect of this order and then use it to our advantage. My book, ‘Gateway to the Heavens’, focuses on the profound meaning and purpose of the simplest of the shapes; the circle, square, triangle, cross, heart, spiral and principle of duality.  These all combine to create a geometric model that has been used through all cultures in sacred applications. Using individual shapes, or models like the ‘Gateway to the Heavens’, with positive intent enables you to enrich your experience of reality, learn from it and work with it.  

Geometry is fundamental to the structure and purpose of reality. Using it does not necessitate an understanding of complex mathematics. In fact, you do it all the time when you use symbols. Look beyond the number at the forms that allow you to think about concepts like as time and space, that structure time and space, allow you to communicate and work with time and space.

Your reality is something you see without, from within. You look out and see space and time in action. You see other beings of matter and maybe even beings of a spiritual essence, interacting. As an observer of the scene there sometimes comes a sense of detachment from life around you, but as an actor in the scene you are inseparable from the totality. Once you understand how reality is organised then you can influence it through positive intent, in your actions and even your act of observing. The power of intent is magical, as seen in healing through your hands and in the use of crystals.


K L French is an international author and speaker on the meaning and purpose of geometry. ‘Gateway to the Heavens: How simple shapes mould reality and the fabric of your being’ is her first book in a series of four providing a comprehensive, highly illustrated and insightful look at the meaning and purpose of geometry across a wide range of disciplines.


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