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Rescued by Angels

By Philippa Merivale

I'm shown that hues and tints and tones are embedded symbolically, ecologically, physically and culturally in all of our races and societies and it's even reflected in the way we think and feel. It's a kind of universal language and it unites everyone around the globe. We're all human' we're all essentially the same. You can be Mongolian or Ethiopian, you can come from the frozen steppes of Alaska or the sweltering sand of the Sahara but you'll still see red, you'll still be yellow-bellied. On a good day you'll still be in the pink.

It will go even further than this, I shall find later. We don't just think the same, feel the same, behave much the same. We're all one swirling energy field, we're all the same stuff.

"No man is an island." That's what the poet John Donne said

This is true; man - and woman too, come to that - is more like soup, quantum soup. What seems to be keeping him in place is something we can't see at all: it's consciousness, which produces an idea; the idea then becomes a template, and this template gathers energy into itself and creates form, aka you, me or him.

What's more, we are proactive co-creators in this soup, this ever-moving ocean of pure potential, building our bodies and our worlds through the quality and content of our thoughts.

Beam out your message of love or hatred, gratitude or resentment, neediness or plenitude, and the universe will beam it right back to you. Your message will show up as the conditions of your life. Plus, of course, those thoughts are also having quite some effect on other people as well as yourself.

All this takes a bit of believing, need I say. As for me, my Western mind - my body too -  says "yeah right". Here in the Manor, though, as I take this class, al ot of my old would-be certainties are being shaken loose.

This is an extract from Rescued by Angels written by Philippa Merivale. To order a copy of her book or find out more about Philippa's work and Metatronic Healing, visit  www.metatronic-life.com