A Bit of Fun by Allan Wyatt

    A bit of Fun By Alan 
The fairies dance by the silvery moon
The elves do to, but a different tune
The Pixies they do run and hide
The banshees scream and rush inside
The Leprechauns run around in tears
The wool they have they stick in ears
The Sylphs they at least can fly away
The Lorelei decide to come another day
The Trolls can go far underground
The Dragons too detest this sound
The sound goes on throughout the night
The wonder is I can even write.

And here is something a little different:

You write so many wonderful words of love and passion
My heart has to open and respond to your advances
So long has it survived in a state of loveless existence
Your appearance in my life has transformed the dark
Has made the light shine with an array of Rainbow colours
The twilight time of soft summer evenings,
Stars as they scatter themselves over a dark sky
My heart sings to the beauty of your love with a melody and words
Not heard since the Angels last sang in harmony
Would that I could hold your hand and the soft touch of gentle fingers
Caress me into the world of love again.
Life at last could have a new meaning filled with
Love and beauty, instead of despair and loneliness.