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We often receive lovely customer feedback about the Soothingminds website and would like to share them with you:

"This is the first time I have seen the site, but it looks great and promises to be a portal to interesting articles, books and spiritual guidance" Robin Strube

"No paper - just good internet advice, keeps the trees safe and information accessible - I can mislay a magazine but my computer is too big to misplace! " Dawn Wesselby

"I enjoy the diversity of the information Soothingminds provides" Shirley Hopkinson

"The Ezine and articles are fantastic, such a wide diversity of interesting topics. Thank you : ) " Susan Humphreys

"Wow this is the first thing in my life that I've won. I'm so chuffed!!" Sue Ellis


"Thanks for the Meditation. I thought the words were lovely. Thank you for a great site" Debbie Stewart


"Amazing I Ching reading - this is quite exact! It answers what I asked about" Birgit Schoeniger


"Received my book. I have just finished my Reiki Level II so the book was perfect. Love your website and the newsletters" Lisa Cormons


"Great fun seeing you on tele - you did a wonderful job spreading the word about the importance of colour therapy. Wishing you success and joy in all you are doing." Jacqueline Beattie


"Excellent site. Lots of interesting stuff to read and love the colour and I Ching readings and was impressed to actually get a reply when I needed help.  Thank you" Diana Wright


"Your colour test result was very accurate- maybe I should think outside the square. Thank you" Sheila Heald

"You know, I have been keeping sort of a journal so each time I take the colour test and it has worked for me in so many ways. Thank you for developing it"  Elizabeth Dominguez