Willing Smiles

    By Val Thorley 
A smile can hide the hurt you feel
That you’re too proud to show

A smile can show you care
Despite all that’s gone before

A smile can show encouragement
When the future holds no hope

A big smile from a stranger
Can show concern and warmth

A smile can say thank you
Your kindness wasn’t wasted

A smile can say I’ve been there too
Don’t be afraid, take strength from me

Copyright 1998, Valerie Thorley

Help Me

Help me to help myself
So I can help those less fortunate
Help me to realise that those who I dislike
Are frail and vulnerable
With feelings just like me

Help me not to be critical of others
Their mind, not mine, is governing their actions
Help me to recognise the difference
Between judging and observing
And how to feel compassion not resentment

Help me to venture forward without fear
To be grateful for all life’s blessings
Help me to see things with an objective mind
To go with my intuition and not be
discouraged by life’s difficulties

Copyright 2001, Valerie Thorley