Just Be

    By Luna Woodhouse 
Do you see the beauty
In the nature which surrounds you?
Do you gaze up at the moonlit sky
And ponder what confounds you?
Can you feel the cleansing rain
That feeds the Earth, your home?
Have you wrapped your arms around a tree
And known you're not alone?
Do you ever watch in wonder
The dancing autumn leaves?

And can you see that everyone
Is just what they believe?
Can you sense the energy
In the power of a storm?
Do you realise you have free will
Yet choose still to conform?

Could you explain the sheer perfection
Of an intricate snowflake?
The geometric patterns formed
Upon a frozen lake?
Or the messages in crops that
Hold the key to all mankind?

Does sunshine on a windy day
Blow cobwebs from your mind?
When were last your senses
Intoxicated by the scent of a flower?
Did rainbows trapped in floating bubbles
Release your inner power?

When did you last re-create yourself
While standing by a stream?
Did the crystal clarity of water
Return a long forgotten dream?
Have you ever sought to heal yourself
Or reach beyond this dimension?
To realise that fear was
Always just your own invention?

Do you trust yourself enough to know
You truly can assist
All living beings to heal themselves,
Of creations that persist?
Have you ever seen the pictures
In a fire's dying embers?

Can you imagine the tranquillity
When the entire world remembers?
Can you close your eyes and give yourself
The strength of the mighty sea?
Or do you know the simplest thought?
All you need to do is "be".