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O-Books began publishing in 2003. Its name is a symbol of the world, of oneness and unity. Giotto treated it as a symbol of perfection. In different cultures it also represents the "eye", symbolising knowledge and insight, and in Old English translates as a place of love or home.         

Books publish  for people of all faiths, and of none. The aim is to create a forum for many different points of view, united by their respect for each other, reflecting both the diversity and common wisdom of a global village. Of special interest are books that show  us new paradigms of belief and behaviour, whether individual or social. At the same time there is a realisation that nothing is new under the sun, and some titles recapture insights from past ages that have been lost or distorted. 
Around 100 new titles are published each year. O-Books has an inclusive policy and interprets religion in its original sense, with the first meaning of its Latin root being "relationship", and the second "sacred". The relationship is with ourselves, others and the world. 

The sense of sacred in that we invest it with supplies meaning and worth.  All traditions have their value and many people today want to find their own point of relevance, weighing religion against reason, one tradition against another, testing them against their own experience. For more information about O-Books visit the web site at


Winners for November 2009 - to be confirmed after 30th