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Colour Therapy

Colour therapy uses the visible spectrum of light that surrounds us at all times. We need light in order to function and to remain healthy as our bodies use the colour energy to balance within. Colour therapy incorporates music, food you eat, clothes, interior decor, jewellery and colour tinctures.

In the seventeenth century, Sir Isaac Newton developed the colour wheel using visible colours of the spectrum. However, thousands of years ago the Egyptians used colour therapy for healing and the Hindu chakra rainbow colour therapy system evolved, associating a specific colour to each chakra or energy centre: Root - red, Sacral - orange, Solar Plexus - yellow, Heart - green, Throat - blue, Third Eye - indigo and Crown - violet, creating an inner harmony.

Colour therapy also includes our auras or personal energy fields. These use colour energy to reflect the condition of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. The majority of us have a predominant colour in our aura with other colours radiating out from the base and around the head. The colours in our aura continually change depending on internal and external influences. Whilst some people naturally see auras, we can use Kirlian photography and sophisticated computer programmes to view the aura as a photograph and use it as an aid to our current state of well-being.

Colour  therapy is based around recognising the colour energy that we are drawn to and bringing it into our lives with the use of clothing, home decor, jewellery or food in order to balance the energy within. there are many things that you can do for yourself including a relaxing Colour Energy bath. 

Your body absorbs the colour energy through the skin as you soak in the colour bath for 20-30minutes are particularly effective with the emotional and mental bodies. You just fill the bath with water, add the Colour Energy bath and enjoy! Colour therapy using Colour Energy baths sachets is an organic experience, available in 9 colours. The Colour Baths do not contain any chemicals or perfumes and are especially used by customers with sensitive skin. 

Crystals are great healing tools too. They vibrate on sound and colour frequencies. Crystals can help to balance our energy systems and the environment around us whether it be the office or the home. The aura or energy of a crystal will mix with our own aura. Crystal healing energy brightens and clears our auric fields helping to achieve balance. When choosing a crystal, take a moment to clear your mind and allow yourself to be drawn intuitively to a particular crystal - it will be the right colour and vibration for you at this point in time. Read more about Vogel healing crystals.

Likewise you can also meditate with colour images or symbols and notice the level of holistic energy within. By meditating on a regular basis you will begin to notice your personal interpretation of how your body is working. Regain your personal power and boost your body with some colour therapy in a one day colour energy workshop with Frances Watkins. Learn about the major energy centres and create your own personal colour energy chart for a greater inner balance. Frances  facilitates a number of colour workshops each year and gives personal colour readings on CD.