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Colour Energy
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Crystal Elixirs
Channelled by Dorothy Roeder

Elixirs are made of water that has been charged with the energy of specific crystals. Water is almost magical in its ability to accept and hold various energies and transfer them wherever needed. The simplest way to make an elixir is to set a glass of water in the sun with the crystal in it for a few hours.

Two hours is usually enough, but you can go upto twenty-four hours to incorporate the balanced energy of a full cycle. More is not necessarily better here. If you want to store the elixir for a time, make it with at least 50% brandy. Otherwise use distilled water. When you are ready to use it, you need just a few drops in a glass of water.

Minerals or other contaminants might alter the properties of the elixir which is why distilled water is best. Use stones that are natural, not stabilized or dyed. For consistent results, the stone should be as pure as possible. Aqua Aura and Rainbow Quartz are exceptions to this rule. The silver or gold that is added is an activator and these stones make excellent elixirs for transformation, healing, and spiritual connections.

All elixirs used to energise and most of those used for healing are best prepared in the Sun. Sunlight is the bringer of life and the primary carrier for divine nurturing and healing. Sunlight emphasizes yang energy, moonlight, yin. If you are treating a fever or wish to emphasize receptivity, use moonlight. This applies also to those used for specifically female problems.

You might want to boil the water and the containers before you use them. Clear glass bowls are best as any design on the bowl can influence the energy going into the elixir. Designs or insignia on the bowl have the potential for research. An Om symbol for instance, might add energy for meditation elixirs or even for healing.

You can protect your elixirs during their preparation by putting them under a pyramid or on a pyramid shape. You could also use four Quartz points placed around them and add Obsidan or Black Tourmaline for grounding and protection.

Use your own creativity and intuition always. Remember, working with crystals is helping you expand your Co-Creative abilities. Let the crystals and their angels communciate with you and teach you their secrets. The most useful secrets come through your heart as you experience working with crystals.

To use your elixirs, put 5-10 drops in a glass of distilled water and drink it, rub it or spray it over the area that is to be treated. After six to eight weeks, your subconscious will begin to lose their effectiveness. Rotate a series of crystals that have similar effects, repeating them again in four to six months. Ruby and Peridot are notable exceptions to this and their benefits continue to grow for years.

Amethyst is still an excellent elixir to use generally. Its elixir will help cleanse your cells of impurities and release negativity while bringing in new, higher energy. Peridot elixir is also very good for healing and energising your cells and balancing their energy flow. it helps the DNA align with the ideal in light and release imperfect patterns of using light. Moonstone makes an elixir that is especially good for calming emotions and bringing in a more balaced perspective. Clear Quartz will hep clear and balance your drinking water in general.

You will not create imbalance or harm anyone with your elixirs if your intentions are to help. If you are completely wrong in your selections, the worst that will happen is nothing, because you will just not be in alignment with the problem and so will be unable to effect a change in it. At best, the effects will be subtle but powerful. You can effect a shift of the body's energy patterns close to the ideal.

Elixirs alone will not change or heal anyone. Chronic disease, or any imbalance, is caused by misperceptions about oneself at the subconscious level. You heal yourself by removing these errors in your body's programme and replacing them with unconditional love, joy, trust, peace and forgiving.

Elixirs help you to locate and heal these areas of self that cannot accept these pure qualitities of love. They help you hold the ideal pattern in your body, but you must invoke it and do everything you can to make a place for it, accept it as part of yourself and keep it. If you refuse to look at yourself or feel that change is impossible, they cannot help you.

If you are ready to accept that you have the potential to be perfectly healthy, crystals will be invaluable in helping you. They will carry the perfection you seek into your cells so that your physical body becomes, truly, the temple of your soul.

This is an extract from Dorothy Roeder's book Crystal Co-Creators, published by Light Technology Publishing. The book is available in the Soothingminds online shop.