Astrology and Wellbeing

By Debbie Sellwood

Astrology is a powerful tool for understanding our emotional and mental constitution and our predisposition to life.  All of which can be instrumental in shaping the dynamics behind our emotional, mental and physical difficulties.  Perhaps it is no surprise that centuries ago, medicine was not practiced without the knowledge of astrology.

Each zodiac sign rules areas or organs of the body that could be vulnerable or have the potential to become imbalanced, so it is helpful to recognize the sort of thinking or feelings that may impact these areas.   Below is a very brief description of each sign and the parts of the body they rule.  They are listed in opposite pairs, because of the polarity operating in astrology. 

For example, if you are Aries you will share some of the same qualities, vulnerabilities and potential illnesses as your opposite sign Libra.  If you do know what sign the Moon was in when you were born or your ascendant sign, then read these sections too, as they will have a bearing on your personality and health.  

This is a general guide, and only potential weaknesses and likely illnesses are indicated. While you may recognize your weak spots, it does not mean that the illnesses associated with each sign will necessarily manifest. Equally never ignore symptoms simply because they are not associated with your sign.

• The Aries personality is energetic, enthusiastic and motivated but need outlets for their energies otherwise they can become frustrated or angry.    These people can be head strong and impatient, going head first into things, they are usually in a hurry, and need to guard against accidents, especially cuts and burns to the face.  Aries rules the head and face and the sort of illnesses that these people can be prone to are headaches, migraines, neuralgia, sinus problems and jaw difficulties.   Linked also with the adrenals, this means if Aries is in overdrive mode, too much adrenalin can be produced, leaving them depleted and drained.  Aries is also associated with high blood pressure, which is not helped by their tendency to get easily irritated or angry. 

• Libra rules the kidneys, general lumbar area and fluid balance of the body, so it is important for these people to drink sufficient fluids, particularly as headaches and kidney stones are not helped by lack of fluid.  Often opting for peace at any price, the typical Libran would rather not deal with disharmony or conflict, which ultimately may adversely affect their wellbeing.  Librans can be fearful of relationship (being in one or not being in one) or just plain survival, which is a state to be avoided especially as the kidneys are associated with fear.   The life of some Librans can be spent swinging back and forth from extremes.  Finding an equilibrium is needed as Librans can have difficulties with physical balance, or with certain organs that require balance in order to function correctly. 

• Taurus rules the throat, neck and ears so it is vitally important for Taureans to express themselves, otherwise unexpressed thoughts and feeling can build up in these areas. Tension, anxiety, and anger may result in sore throats, laryngitis, tonsillitis, ear infections or neck problems.    Earth signs such as Taurus often place importance only on what they can see and touch, so when things do not work out as they think they can get despondent.  Their love of food can render Taureans prone to weight-gain, so it is essential they moderate their food-consumption, and burn up calories by keeping active. Being overweight can, at times, be due to the malfunction of the thyroid gland, which too is linked to Taurus. 

• The Scorpio personality is intense, deep and passionate; these strong emotions need an outlet.  In fact this sign makes good healer – the highest manifestation of Scorpio is able to use their healing strength to regenerate negativity and illness in others.   It is easy for them to feel slighted if hurt though, but important they do not resort to resentment or bitterness, as these emotions can fester internally, possibly affecting their vulnerable reproductive organs or the organs of elimination.   As a water sign, they tend to hang on to emotions, feelings etc.  Scorpios do this not only because of their dislike and resistance to change but because they usually like to be in control.  Inability to release thoughts and feelings can inhibit the natural process of elimination. 

• Gemini rules the areas and organs of the body associated with breathing, and imbalances here may manifest as illnesses of the respiratory system such as asthma, pneumonia, pleurisy, bronchitis or allergies. As the lungs are associated with grief, it is important that sadness has not settled there.   Known as a dual sign, the Gemini may find that there are often two courses of action in their lives or two choices to debate over.    This duality is represented physically in the parts of body which are in pairs, i.e. the lungs, the hands, arms and shoulders, which can also be vulnerable areas.    As an air sign, living more on the mental plane than the physical, their restlessness can cause them to live on their nerves.   

• The typical Sagittarian likes to do things in a big way; their approach to life is expansive, for some this can result in excess and over indulgence.  Using moderation is advised as Sagittarius rules the liver; rich foods or too much alcohol can be detrimental.  As anger is associated with the liver it is essential that this is not an issue either.    Sagittarius rules the sciatic nerve and pelvis generally so these areas can be vulnerable for Sagittarians.   Not easily discussing their inner worries, often suppressing them by sitting on them, this can affect the pelvic area.   As a fire sign they can be impulsive, propelling themselves forward without much thought for the future which can result in scattering their energies and burning themselves out. 

• Water signs like Cancer tend to live mostly on the emotional plane.  As their moods fluctuate, it is beneficial for them to cultivate peace of mind and some emotional detachment.  Very compassionate people, their sensitivity means however, that they can take things too easily to heart and they need to protect themselves from being affected by other people’s ‘stuff’.  The Cancer tendency to fear certain aspects of life can impact their vulnerable digestive system.     In addition to the stomach and digestion system, Cancer also rules the distribution of fluids in the body, the chest area and parts of the body associated with the nourishing and nurturing of others, i.e.  Breasts and the womb. 

• The dutiful Capricorn can take life quite seriously; weighted down with responsibilities this can make them gloomy at times.   As Capricorn rules the skeletal framework of the body, it is important they take care not to suppress emotions, as these can build up as aches and pains, stiff joints, arthritis or rheumatism.  Capricorn also rules the knees.    Usually self-disciplined with high standards and expectations, this can put them under unnecessary pressure.  They like to be respected and are concerned about how others see them but undue worry in this area may manifests in skin problems.  The gall bladder is another possible vulnerable area, and bile can be seen as representative of angry feelings such as frustration, bitterness and resentment, which need to be avoided. 

• Leo is associated with the heart and it is often through affairs of the heart that Leos have lessons to learn.  It is important for them to feel loved or at least held in high esteem or that others respect them.  If feeling unloved, they can withdraw and cut themselves off from others.   Imbalances may occur in the heart if sadness and hurts arise.  Leo also rules the back and discomfort here or in the chest area can mean they need to proceed more carefully, particularly as a fire sign they can burn themselves out with enthusiasm or overstrain.  It is important for these people to create on some level, not just artistically, but to produce or leave their mark in some way, otherwise they can become frustrated. 

• Aquarius rules the circulation in the body, the nervous system and the lower leg and ankle, which can dispose these people to varicose veins, phlebitis, arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, spasms or cramps.  The Aquarian is usually very friendly and sociable but on the other hand their independent natures can mean they are reserved and they can feel detached and alone.   Although Aquarians have keen minds, this is a fixed sign so when they form an opinion they can be totally set.  A lack of flexibility in thinking can translate into the physical and affect mobility – not just for Aquarians but all signs especially the fixed ones.  Usually objective and non emotional, this has its advantages but it can mean they have difficulty relating to their bodies and own emotional needs. 

• Virgo people like to do something useful or be of service in some way, but their accommodating natures and natural ability to serve others can find them being taken advantage of, which can be detrimental to their well-being.  They are inclined to approach life from an analytical and rational perspective, not always absorbing things on an emotional level, which can disrupt the assimilation in the digestive process.   Their sensitive nervous systems can bring a tendency to worry and fret which can also impact their vulnerable digestive system and result in stomach and bowel ailments.   This is not helped either by can their desire for perfection or tendency to become a workaholic.  

• The highly sensitive Pisces can have difficulty staying on the planet, often preferring to escape by using some method of avoidance.  This may be not being present (mentally or physically) or resorting to drinks or drugs.   Ironically it is the feet which often cause them problems, perhaps an indication of the importance of their being grounded.    Pisces is an imaginative soul but this can make them fearful of just about anything.  Their natural psychic ability means that they can easily absorb the feelings and emotions of others, which can affect their well-being.  Pisces also rules the lymph system and often their bodies can become invaded by toxins and viruses, which may result in swollen or sluggish glands.    

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