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Therapeutic Light

Therapeutic Qualities ofLlight
By Suzy Chiazzari

Pink Light
This is particularly useful in a therapy room or bedroon, as pink light has muscle relaxant qualities by increasing the supply of blood to the muscles. Pink contains the stimulating and releasing action of the red ray, although pink has a much gentler action. This warming and loving colour should be used to encourage love and nurturing. Pink light is especially useful when one is feeling lonely, unloved, rejected or grieving. Shone on the heart chakra, it provides healing of the emotions and connects one with universal and unconditional love vibrations. It is a good colour for children too.

Orange Light
Orange is a warming and stimulating colour. It creates an atmosphere of happiness and vitality. Orange energy boosts the immune system and is an excellent tonic. It also has a releasing action, helping move body fluids around the body. Use orange light to combat depression by allowing deep-seated emotions to surface.

Yellow Light
Yellow warms and energises without creating heat in the body. It has an affinity with the stomach and spleen and has a cleansing and purgative action. This vibrations helps remove toxins from the blood stream and lympthatics and can be of assistance in an aromatherapy treatment when directed onto these glands. When focused on the solar-plexus chakra or foot reflex, yellow helps remove energy blocks in the emotional and mental bodies. Use it to build up self-confidence and self-worth, and to dispel fears of the mind.

Red Light
Red light is usually associated with stimulation and particularly sexual passion. Red light is indeed very warming and stimulates the release of adrenalin, sexual appetite and muscular activity. Red light strengthens the blood supply to the heart by raising the pulse and the heart beat. Only focus red light on the lower part of the body, as red energy is very powerful and has some contra-indications. (Do not use on anyone with high blood pressure or a heart condition). Red light shone on the feet can stimulate life-force energy through the body, and can be used if someone has collapsed, fainted or lost consciousness. Make sure you also call for medical assistance.

Green Light
Green light is very cooling and soothing but is not good when you wish to read or concentrate on a task. The benefits of green light are greatest when you have your eyes closed and is excellent for the treatment of stress. Use green light to relax and unwind, especially after a hot bath or when you practise some meditation or relaxation technique. Green candles to which a couple of drops of essential oils has been added is good for calming and balancing one's emotions. Green light speeds up the body's own healing mechanism so is good for recuperation. It has also been found that green light speeds up the healing of fractured bones, sprains and strains.

Blue Light
Blue light is exceptionally soothing and cooling. Use it in hot rooms, or when you are suffering from anger or a fever or any ailment where you have a high temperature. Blue light helps one sleep and calms the mind but the eyes find it difficult to focus in blue light so it is not good for reading or when you are doing an exacting task. A blue light next to the bed can help calm hyperactive children and it is also good for soothing childhood diseases like chickenpox, measles etc. It is especially useful in cases of sunstroke and burns, bringing relief from pain and speeding up the healing process. Blue has a constrictive action (stemming the flow of blood and so useful for treating cuts, bruises and nose bleeds).

Violet Light
The balancing effect Violet light has on the psyche has resulted in it being used successfully in many mental institutions to help people with obessive behaviour patterns and neuroses. At home a purple light bulb can help harmonise one's mental and emotional state. It can also aid meditation and balance the left and right hand side of the brain connecting you to your creativity and spirituality. Violet light should only be used for short periods of time for specific balancing treatments. Use violet light direction on the body to purify the blood. It is especially useful when focussed on varicose veins.

This is an edited extract from 'Colour Scents' by Suzy Chiazzari and is published by The C W Daniel Company Ltd which is now owned by Random House. ISBN 0-85207-316-X Visit their web site at www.cwdaniel.com