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Graphology - revealing the inner personality through handwriting
By Joyce Parkinson MBIG (Dip)

Joyce Parkinson of Just Perfect Analysing Ltd is able to produce a detailed personality assessment from a single piece of writing. The information contained in an analysis helps individuals see themselves in a new light and suggests ways to develop their natural abilities. Joyce's previous career as a secretary gave her the opportunity to work with a variety of people.

Over the years she began to notice a connection between different writing styles and personality types which triggered her interest in graphology and what makes people tick. Joyce is a member of the British Institute of Graphologists and offers her skills to firms with a requirement for thorough recruitment procedures and also welcomes enquiries on relationship compatibility, vocational advice, personal development and forensic issues including detecting forgeries and malicious letters.

Graphology has been around since Roman times and the first book on the subject was published in 1621. Research began in the early 19th century when a group of French monks gathered together thousands of samples and started to put interpretations on the movements. After 40 years of painstaking research the term 'Graphology' was coined in France and it was put on a scientific footing.

How does it work?
It is commonly accepted that people can be read by their body language and in this way we convey messages without speaking. Handwriting, too, is like body language which has been literally frozen on the page. Graphologists call the act of writing 'brainwriting' because the message is passed from the brain to the hand to form movements on the page. Everyone's style is unique to them just like their fingerprints.

Precise rules are followed to measure movements such as size, slant and pressure, although there are many more. These measurements enable the graphologist to gradually build up a picture of that person. The result is an accurate character analysis which provides a remarkable insight in the personality.

Are fluctuations in writing normal?
It is quite normal for a person's writing to fluctuate. Young people's handwriting often varies until they settle down and develop their own style. Even then, style can differ because each time we write we are influenced by our inner feelings, emotions and moods of that moment. Also, a person's handwriting will vary in style depending on whether they are just writing a quick note for the milkman or making more of an effort filling out an application form. However, the basic structure does not change regardless of how neat or untidy the writing appears.

Some basic movements and interpretations
Large writing indicates an extravert, someone is confident and outgoing, likes the company of others whereas small writing points towards a reserved and modest nature, ability to concentrate and be alone.

The slant determines the degree of social interaction and emotional expression so someone with a right slant is likely to be more sociable and seeks contact with others. A left slant often can indicates reserve and caution although the person can appear confident. Upright writing indicates independent and self-sufficient and often the writer puts head before the heart and is able to see both sides of an argument..

Baseline direction indicates the mood of the moment, so rising lines show optimism and enthusiasm whereas falling. Falling lines can indicate tiredness or even depression and illness whereas horizontal lines show good self-control and balance.

Even the colour of the ink is revealing! Blue and black are considered the norm although black is more formal and used in business. Light blue indicates a sensitive nature; predominant use of red indicates attention seeking and even a desire to shock whilst violet and turquoise tend to reflect an interest in fashion or a theatrical personality. Green highlights an investigative mind.

Graphology and its uses
For an individual's wellbeing: Often there are complex personality traits such as depression and anxiety which stem back to childhood. The information gleaned from the report helps people to understand where these symptoms originate from and how to deal with them. People usually feel happier and relieved to be empowered with this information about their inner self.

Vocational Advice and Personal Development. Helping individuals find career satisfaction by understand their hidden strengths and potential. Any weaknesses are highlighted sympathetically with constructive suggestions on how to improve.

Relationship Compatibility. This type of report is especially useful to couples in the early stages of a relationship where they might be having doubts about their compatibility. The report compares personality traits and highlights any areas of incompatibility but does not indicate if the relationship will last. In this way the couple can deal with these issues before they become a serious conflict. Even couples in established marriages have found an analysis useful in shedding new light on issues and resolving problems.

Organisations use a graphologist when they need a fast and accurate insight into a person's character. This is invariably used for personnel selection but it can be used for team building, training and resolving workplace relationships.

What is required to do an analysis?
Preferably, a few paragraphs of writing plus a signature which must be representative of the writers normal script. This should be a spontaneous piece, written as freely as you would speak the content is immaterial but please dont copy from a book as free expression is lost. The writing should be done on plain paper, unless the writer usually prefers lined paper. Please note that people often feel nervous about writing anything because they consider their writing to be untidy. Dont worry what your writing looks like because variations in style are quite normal.

The Business monthly recently published an article that reviewed three random samples and Sebastian S said: "I was a bit sceptical about providing a sample of my handwriting but I was amazed how accurate the analysis was to my own characterThis technique has certainly got potential for interviewing purposes. It would be ideal for preparing questions prior to an interview, or, I now believe, even help you decide between two candidates. It could help you construct your own CV and would definitely be interesting to do this again in the future to assess any changes in my character! Overall, a very enjoyable experience. Out of 20? Eighteen."

An analysis can be produced for anyone in the UK or around the world, so all you have to do is contact Joyce by phone or email to discuss your requirements and cost. There is no need to make a personal appointment for a reading; just sit back and wait for the results. You can phone Joyce at Just Perfect Analysing Ltd on 01234 347086 or email joyce@jpanalysis.co.uk You can also find out more at Joyce's website www.japnalysis.co.uk

Also, do contact Joyce if you are interested in hosting a party with a difference, a talk or workshop on graphology in Beds, Bucks, Cambs, Herts or Northants.

Just Perfect Analysing Ltd 2005. All rights reserved.