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Improve Myopia

Seeing with your whole being

Eye doctors tell us that 90 percent of us will need to wear glasses at some point in our lives. Another 70 percent of us, including many with 20/20 eyesight, unknowingly suffer from visual problems that are not even tested in the conventional eye examination.

Yet my twenty years of clinical experience with vision care have repeatedly demonstrated that eyesight improvement is within the reach of virtually everyone. I've seen and heard of thousands of people who have improved their eyesight. It doesn't matter how long they've had the problem, or what the problem is. The most significant factor in natural vision improvement seems to be in the mind, not in the eyes!

If the hereditary shape of the eyeball is really the cause of weak vision, why didn't our ancestors suffer from the same problems?

People do not realise that an epidemic of vision problems  'especially myopia'  has recently emerged in the industrialized world, while nearsightedness is still almost unheard of in less developed societies. The incidence of myopia seems to escalate, within one generation, as people become more literate and spend more time indoors. Gottlieb mentions several studies that have demonstrated this effect: 'Young (in 1969) found a 59 percent incidence of myopia among sixth-grade Eskimo school children, but only 5 percent incidence in their parents and none at all among their grandparents'.

The Chinese have found that the escalation of myopia with modern education is reversible, given a public commitment to vision improvement. In 1949, the Chinese government decided to do something about the increasing incidence of myopia. So Chinese students and factory workers do eye exercises twice a day, for about ten minutes, using an official poster of eye exercises. As a result, the Chinese say they have actually reversed their increase in myopia.

Eye Exercises from China
Keep eyes closed while doing the exercises.
Massage lightly and slowly until the area becomes a little sore.
Do the exercises twice per day.

Exercise 1
Use thumbs to massage inside eyebrow corners with other
fingers slightly curled against forehead (8 times)

Exercise 2
Use thumb and index finger to massage nose bridge. Press
downward and then upward (8 times)

Exercise 3
With thumbs over lower jawbone, place index fingers and
middle fingers together against both sides of nose near nostrils. Then lower
middle fingers and massage the cheeks where the index finger remains (8 times)

Exercise 4
With fingers curled under and thumbs on each side of
forehead, use the sides of the index fingers to rub outward following the
diagram pattern: 2,3,4,6,5 (8 times)

This article is from an edited extract 'Take Off your Glass and See' by Jacob Liberman, O.D. Ph.D. Three Rivers Press 1995 and was published in issue 83 of Positive Health, December 2002. The full article and references can be found at www.positivehealth.com