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The Holographic Universe

The Holographic Universe
By Jude Currivan

A new paradigm, which incorporates consciousness as being primary - and thus as creating the manifest universe - must encompass the laws of physics as we know them and expand their applicability.And it appears that our emerging understanding of the holographic universe may do this.

In the latest understanding of cosmologists, the universe is a four-dimensional (the three familiar dimensions of space and one dimension of time) spacetime holographic projection of processes, which take place on the two-dimensional spatial surface of a vast brane.

Parallel research into the entropy, or states of organisation, inherent within the three-dimensional interior of black holes has shown that their maximum value is proportional to the two-dimensional surface area of the black hole.

As this level of entropy can be equated with the maximum amount of information able to be stored and processed, such research offers a profound insight into how the holographic projection from the universal brane, may enable the greatest level of information perception consciousness, to be experienced in the physical world.

The mathematical language of the holographic principle was discovered by Jean Fourier, and enables any pattern to be transformed into simple waveforms and be subsequently recreated in its original form. And inherent within this harmonic nature of holograms is that the entirety of an object or system is recreated in every part of the geometrical relationship of its three-dimensional image.

Such harmonic relationships form the structural frameworks of physical materialities, depicted in the classical geometries of the Greek philosophers and the fractal geometries of those modern researchers studying complex and dynamic systems.

The deeper we peer into the fabric of the physical world, at all scales of its manifestation, from the minute to the mighty, the simpler and more resonant the principles on which it is founded appear to be. And the more they reconcile with perennial wisdom.

M theory requires higher dimensions, and solutions to Einsteins equations of relativity also imply a higher dimensionality to electro-magnetism. Is this the light by which consciousness holographically projects the manifest universe?

The holographic brane

As we have seen, it appears that the maximum consciousness expressed throughout the universe, may be proportional to the vast branes, which are its holographic boundary. And it also seems that the maximum information able to be processed by a biological cell, may be proportional to the surface area of its surrounding membrane.

In Chapter 7, we discussed how the membrane of the biological cell, the first organelle or rudimentary organ - that appeared in evolution and the only organelle common to all 'living' organisms, may represent the cell's 'brain'.

The cellular membrane is thus a processor of consciousness and forms the dynamic interface between the cell and its inner and outer environment. The fractal evolution of multi-cellular organisms enables increasing perception to be embodied and thus optimises the ability to adapt, survive and thrive and provide ever more abundant opportunities for conscious co-creation to unfold.

Biological organisms are thus essentially microcosmic holograms. And the subtle energies of their biofields, the causative templates for their physical forms, are mediated by coherent electro-magnetic fields the modus operandi of the holographic principle.

Let there be light

There are a number of characteristics of electro-magnetism or light that strongly suggest that a deeper understanding of its nature may offer us the key in perceiving how consciousness interacts with its physical manifestation of energy or matter.

Let us enumerate these:

The waveform properties of electro-magnetic fields are key to the holographic principle, which within spacetime is based on the interference patterns created by coherent light.

As depicted in figure 12.1, electro-magnetism itself is three-dimensional and essentially shapes the dimensionality of the physical world. Within spacetime, energy and matter are intrinsically correlated by the speed of light 'c', as in Einstein's equation, E=mc. Both Kaluza and Maxwell identified a supra-physical dimensionality, which embodies higher overtones of the electro-magnetic field and which provide solutions to Einstein's equations of relativity.

All consciousness in the physical body is transferred and mediated by electro-magnetic processes. The physical counterparts of the subtle energy meridians of Vedic and Chinese medicine are measurable as electro-magnetic conduits both within the human body and the body of Gaia. Electro-magnetic waves have all the properties ascribed by perennial wisdom to conscious manifestation intention, focus, attunement, resonance and coherence.

And finally, both space and time themselves may be seen as fundamental attributes of light. As an object travels towards the limiting speed of light, time itself slows down and space contracts.

This is an extract taken from The Wave, © Jude Currivan, permission granted by O Books. The Wave is published by O Books and is available as a paperback through all good bookshops. ISBN No: 1905047339.  For further information visit www.o-books.net