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Colour Energy Workshops

Colour and light are inseparable. Each colour of the visible light spectrum has a different wavelength and vibrational frequency, which affects us differently. Many body functions are stimulated or retarded by light and the different colour energy of light.

Do you know why you are attracted to certain colours at different times in your life? Why do you push away particular shades of colour? Your body is intuitively seeking the required colour vibrations to create balance and harmony within.

The ancient Egyptians wore amulets of coloured stones: red to treat diseases and building strength, yellow for happiness, and green for fertility. They also used coloured glass to amplify the healing energy in a room.

On this colour workshop you will see how to bring colour energy into your day-to-day environment and develop your own personal colour regime to increase your energy on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level..

By the end of the workshop  you will know what colour therapy is and how it works, have an understanding of the seven major chakras or energy centres and have experienced feeling, seeing, tasting, wearing and smelling colour. This colour workshop is a fun, interactive day and will be the beginning of a whole new world of colour vibrations.

An outline of the colour workshop is as follows:

9.30 - Introductions and coffee
9.45 - The history of colour healing
10.15 - The major chakras and associated colours
11.00 - Tea Break
11.15 - Sense the colour in your own energy centres
12.00 - Which colours do you attract and repel? You will experience different colour vibrations with water charged with colour energy, scarves, glasses, synergy oils, tumble stones etc
1.00 - Lunch
2.00 - Colour meditation and sharing experiences
2.45 - Learn to read the colours in the aura
3.15 - Tea break
3.30 - Dowse your spine for active colours
4.00 - Compile your own personal colour programme
4.20 - Questions and Answers
4.30 - Close

The colour workshops are facilitated by Frances Watkins, a medical herbalist,  Reiki practitioner/teacher and colour counsellor. The colour workshop are held in Bushey and Watford, Herts and costs £55 per person including workshop notes, a light vegetarian lunch and refreshments.

For more information call Frances on 01923 674 050