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Aurora Healing

Aurora Healing
By Jasmin Mulvey

Aurora energy therapy is a combination of colour, magnets, crystals and sound healing, Early in 2001 Jan Linch and Pam Couchman developed this healing modality. They were already working in the complementary area of colour and sound and then both of them began having intuitive dreams, although Jan is intuitive and has been aware of being able to read auras since childhood.

Their dreams led to information enabling them to create a set of coloured bottles of 77 different combinations, at which point a third lady created the meditation bottle, 78th in the set and the Aurora Jewels were complete.

From these 78 individual bottles information emerged about a four part therapy, encompassing ancient and modern techniques. Aurora combines the energies of crystals and magnets which work on a cellular level, the magnets magnify and magnetise the effects of colour crystals and sound helping you to rebalance yourself.

We have genetic memories which trace back through our ancestry at the same time as having our soul or spirit memory and these all play influence in our life experiences. The crystals and magnets help us rebalance any negative programming our cells may hold, on one or more of the three main levels: our body as in our current physicality, our mind- our state of well- being or dis-ease and our spirit as in who we are universally speaking.

Colour in our auras and our chakras are the physical feeds from our spirit and when we become unbalanced or suffer disease this is reflected by the colours we are attracted to and that we can help readdress the balance on all levels of consciousness.

Another aspect of Aurora therapy is sound healing. The focus is the geometric 12 or 13 chakra system as well as the traditional 7major energy centres and for this we work with a set of 13 tuning forks. A tuning fork is applied to each chakra from base to through to the astral based on the known factor that sounds are vibrational colour frequencies. Red, orange, yellow, gold, olive, green, jade, turquoise, sapphire, royal, indigo, violet and magenta. Sounds are played into each chakra using one of two types of fork either those with feet that can be in contact with the body (these are relatively new) and the more common style, which are used in the bodys electro-magnetic field our aura.

The OM tuning fork has the vibrational frequency of the universe and a colour of burnt orange/gold similar to that of a Buddhist monks robes. I can say happily that this energetic tool has been successful in treating physical ailments of varying degrees of severity. We apply the foot of the fork on to the acupressure points of the body and following the meridian system we work through the body clearing blockages, this can take as little as fifteen seconds in a treatment to as much as fifteen treatment sessions, but it seems to work powerfully with many situations.

Aurora therapy also includes a colour reading, using the 78 coloured bottles. Clients choose 4 or 5 bottles that the practitioner will then translate into a reading that relates to their mission, childhood and gifts, present and possible future energies. Each bottle is a true colour based on the idea that a person will choose bottles relevant to their current auric colours at that moment in time. Following the colour reading there will be various aspects incorporated from numerology through to Tarot. The bottles are collected into 6 groups: goddess, transformation, new age, angel, astrology and faerie/mythology, we can assess where a person may be energetically by looking for whether they have more of one type of bottle than any other, e.g. 3 goddess, 1 angel etc.

Aurora aims to be a holistic complementary therapy because the person is treated as a whole, not the symptom or sign. Fundamentally, it is the aim to help a person to help themselves. I believe we simply give people the torch by which they may shine a light on the keyhole to unlock the door to their higher self and their universal ability to heal themselves.

On a further note, beyond Aurora I have come to learn a great deal about the energetic nature of existence and I feel energy medicine as these complementary therapies are sometimes coined, are simply the remembrance of our natural state of being in balance. We are creators of own experiences and though we may not influence another person we may help them to realize their being, and to manifest that which they need in this current reality. This is why I say we are facilitators, we are catalysts to a reaction where people begin to return to an awakened or enlightened state.,

It has become apparent with the dawn of this new time that the earth herself is changing and becoming lighter and as she does, we too must follow suit and to do that the message of Aurora and many other therapies and philosophies is strikingly clear. Love yourself unconditionally, for nothing matters but this, for it is in loving the self that all else around you comes to benefit from this love.

I trust that this has been an interesting read for you and proved beneficial on some level.

Jasmin and Paul Mulvey are a father and daughter team who have been Aurora Practitioner Teachers for four years. For more information on Aurora healing contact Paul or Jasmin by telephone on (01622) 757748 or alternatively email