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Spiritual Healing

By Toni Jode

Spiritual Healing is a simple energy therapy carried out by a healer with the intention of bring mind/body/spirit into balance.  It is probably the most ancient of all healing therapies and is the foundation of most. 

It is based on the belief that the resolution of disharmony or dis – ease in any aspects of our being mind/body/spirit could be achieved by attuning to a non-physical healing energy often referred to as universal consciousness, the divine or god.  It is also supportive to good health and well being.

Spiritual healing is complementary to all kinds of medical interventions and other therapies.  It is non invasive and holistic, helping the whole person.  Healers believe the energy will go where it is needed. 

The response to healing is as varied as the individuals who receive it.  Reported benefits include a change in outlook, feelings of wellbeing, relaxation, calmness and serenity and alleviation of pain.  For some the effects are experienced quickly but on the whole it is a gradual process but it is often recognized by the recipients that progress began from the time the healing request was made.

Healers recognize spiritual healing as a therapy that is supportive through illness and to good health.   It is a therapy that can facilitate a process that enhances the bodies self healing mechanisms and enables people to explore their own spirituality.

People of all ages and from all walks of life have spiritual healing for a variety of conditions mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.  Their symptoms may range from  anxiety and warts, to Cancer and other terminal illnesses.  Quite often people try spiritual healing as a last resort, when all else has been exhausted.  For some it is about support on their final journey and transition into death. 

There is a general misconception that Spiritual Healing is faith healing.  Whilst it is essential that the healer believes in what he/she is doing, it is not a requirement for the healee which is demonstrated in the case of animals and babies.

Spiritual healing can be given directly through contact healing (commonly described as the laying on of hands) or from afar known as distant healing. The basic principles are the same for both methods.

The act of spiritual healing involves the Healer becoming attuned to the divine energy though meditation and with mental intention to be channel for the healing energy.  During the healing session, the healer then attunes themselves to the patient and becomes the intermediary for the healing energy, essentially connecting the healee  to the healing energy.   Healee’s often express feeling heat or tingling and a deep sense of relaxation during the healing session.

In the case of distant healing the name of the person in need of healing is given to the healer and the healer has healing thoughts for this person using the method that is suited to them.  Methods used are meditation, visualization and prayerful thought.  The persons name is entered into a distant healing book.  Distant healing can be undertaken by the healer on their own or within a group.  The experience for the healee tends to be different in that for some there is an awareness of receiving energy, but on the whole they tend to be aware of the outcomes in that things have changed, or that symptoms have improved.  

Healers generally have a natural affinity and compassionate nature and have a desire to help others and tend to be drawn to become healers.  The development of skills comes through training.  Most modern healer training methods are based on the understanding of the human energy field and the eastern belief system of energy centres or Chakras.

UK Healers (the national umbrella body for setting standards and regulating healer training and practice) requirement for accredited healer training courses is 2 years duration with an organisation affiliated to UK Healers..  There is a requirement for student healers to be supervised by a qualified healer during this period to support them in their healing journey, as well as to meet the requirements of the Healer training course.

Every organisation has a code of conduct and every healer must be insured.  Despite undergoing this rigor of training, most healers work on a donation basis and do not charge for their service.

The Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary in Shere has been dedicated to Spiritual Healing for over 60 years.  Its founder Harry Edwards was a phenomenal healer and pioneer for Spiritual Healing in the 1950’s and until his passing in 1976. 

He gave public demonstrations of healing both nationally and internationally filling venues such as the Albert Hall.  At the height of his career he was receiving a postbag of over 10,000 letters a week requesting distant healing.  He created the Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary Trust in 1966 for the promotion and development of Spiritual Healing.

Harry Edwards was very much a man ahead of his time and believed that healing was a simple act intelligently carried out and that the body possesses its own healing intelligence.  He also recognized the importance of the healing intention and the mind/body connection.

The Sanctuary continues to serve the public giving contact and distant healing with out charge.  It has also developed its own Healer Training Course which is also educationally accredited with the Open College Network.   The Sanctuary is currently involved in a research study with the CAM team at Southampton University, the results are due for publication in the New Year.

Toni Jode is the Healing Services Manager at the Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary. For more info please visit www.sanctuary-burrowslea.org.uk