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Strengthening the aura

Strenthening the Aura
By Brian Snellgrove

In order to build and strengthen the aura, the first task is to acknowledge that the aura exists, the second is to become aware of the detail, the third is to find the willpower to change. The rules of the auric bodies are different.

The physical body is an intrinsic part of our existence and needs to be maintained by nutrition and exercise. The other bodies must also be developed through a conscious process of internal evolution. Commitment and effort is required to achieve the phasing in, full expression and liberation of these bodies. The physical body and the mind are the co-founders of the subtle body, and the subtle body as it develops becomes the foundation for the cosmic body.

It is therefore confusing why some people choose to starve and otherwise negate the physical body in order to advance spiritual development. Others starve in order to cleanse from impurities. The body is the temple of the soul, as Jesus said. Whilst incarnated, we need our body and it should be esteemed and treated with respect.

The idea is to transcend the limitations of the body. Nothing is evil. We may eat and drink to the maximum yet if our other bodies are undernourished, we will not be satisfied. The question is how to activate the subtle bodies. We need to use the physical body, the mind, the rationale, features of the physical environment, not ignore them. They are tools. They are the means.

With regard to colour energy, it is interesting that light and colour itself has been used to strengthen the aura. The therapeutic use of sunlight and colours - heliotherapy - is as old as medicine itself. Egyptian physicians used rooms with coloured walls to heal various afflictions.

Sun baths became very popular in the late 19th-century Germany within the framework of the naturopathy movement. Ultraviolet light therapy was founded as a result of the discoveries by Koch and Pasteur on the role of bacteria in illness. Light has been used to treat scarring after chicken-pox, tuberculosis, rickets, some skin diseases and the healing of wounds.

Another way is to use music. Music may not only be the food of love, it may also help to keep infections at bay and to improve the tone of the aura. Dr. Francis Brannaf, assistant professor at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania has commented on how little research has been done on how levels of immunoglubulin (IgA) are affected by the positive feelings induced by music. Stress affects the immune system and decreases the immuno-efficiency so that people get sick at times of stress - during exams, bereavement, divorce and so on.

IgA is a front-line antibody carried in the saliva and mucous. It responds rapidly to viral attack and when levels are low, people are more vulnerable and more likely to become infected. Dr Brannaf and his fellow researcher Pro. Carl Charnetski exposed people to a range of stimuli including elevator 'musak', jazz music, silences, tone noises and clicks.

They found that after 30 minutes of exposure to musack, the antibody levels in the saliva of the listeners had increased by 14%. When they played jazz, with interruptions for traffic reports and news items, the IgA had gone up by only half as much, about 7%. Silence had no effect, but when the subjects were exposed to annoying sounds such as clicking, IgA levels plummeted by 20%.

We have already seen that the aura has two functions: to inform and to protect. Our aura can work for us and against us. We can draw good luck or ill fortune. This decision is ours and ours alone. That is the nature of free will. No therapeutic method can be considered healthy if it does not place the responsibility of self healing at the feet of the client...

Pomanders are designed to give auric protection, acting specifically on the electromagnetic field which surrounds the physical body. They also strengthen and repair the energetic field. The aura is reinforced with the vibration of the colour needed and acts as protection, enabling the retention of etheric integrity.

Pomander drops are placed in the left palm; the hands are rubbed together and then held out in gesture which offers the energy to the world as well as to ourselves. The hands are then passed around the aura from top to bottom , as if one were gently stroking the electromagnetic field an inch or two away from the physical body. Correct breathing allows the absorption of the energies through the mucous membranes.

Quintessences are subtle in their effect and help us to align ourselves with a particular quality of energy, or open ourselves to receive energetic assistance for a particular project. Fine movements of the hands round the body stimulate and draw down these subtle energies.

This is an extract from 'The Magic in Your Hands' by Brian Snellgrove published by Ebury Press and used with permission of The Random House Group Limited. The ISBN is 0-852073151 and the book costs £10.95. You can see more of Random House books at www.randomhouse.co.uk