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Reiki For Animals

Reiki for animals
By Aileen D'Angelo

Reiki and animals are a natural combination. Those of us who do Reiki with humans have had the chance to see the wonderful benefits Reiki healing energy brings to folks lives. This is the case with animals as well. In my experience I have come to believe that animals are so much more in touch with the energies around them than we, as humans, often are. This being the case, they are also incredibly open to receiving, and even giving Reiki healing energy.

My first opportunity to Reiki and animal came when I adopted a Greyhound named George. After deciding that he was the dog for me I needed to wait until he had been neutered before bringing him home. The day of his surgery the adoption agency called to tell me that he had collapsed afterwards and was bleeding internally and was not expected to live through the night.

I immediately started sending him Reiki  healing and sending him feelings of love and wanting him to come home to live with me. The next day the agency called to say that the vets could not explain it but he was getting better and they expected him to survive. That was 5 years ago and George is now my class assistant whenever I teach a Reiki class. George also developed a seizure disorder and now comes to me each time he feels one coming on and pushes his head into my hands so I can Reiki healing energy him.

Since that time I have had the honour of touching the lives of many companion animals and their people. Each animal that has allowed the honour of touching them in this way has taught me something. I have learned about their willingness to give, I have seen the depth of their unconditional love for their human companions. I have felt them struggle as they try to decide whether or not to hang on for a little while longer (usually for the sake of their person) or to let go and move to the Spirit world.

Working with Reiki healing energy and animals is fun, exciting, an exercise in patience and creativity. Some animals take to it immediately and will allow me to work for long periods of time. Others need to take frequent breaks; they go away and then come back a few minutes later for more. Some do not wish to be physically touched but will allow me to beam the Reiki energy towards them. I have learned to watch for very subtle signs that indicate an area that needs work but they are trying to keep me from getting to. And I have learned to ask questions of the humans in their home to see what may be the root cause of the issues facing the animals. Sometimes it is not the animals who have the real issues but their people.

One of the things that amaze me the most is how much our animal friends will take on in an effort to help their human companions. I have experienced them take on physical, emotional, and mental things for their people in an effort to ease the suffering of their human. They are so connected to us and their love for us is so unconditional that there is not anything they will not do in an effort to help us.

My first experience with this occurred when doing a distance session for a cat in New Jersey. During the session I had the impression that this cat was suffering from a migraine headache. When I spoke with the owner after the session she informed me that she had been suffering from a migraine for 3 days prior to the session with her cat.

I have had the thrill of watching as I treat one animal in a home that a companion animal will come to help with the session. I am treating a 12-year-old German Shepard and each time I see him his cat companion comes to help with the sessions. The first time I was there to treat this wonderful dog I was working on one hip and his cat companion came into the room, he lay down behind this huge dog and placed his paws on the other hip and stayed there for 15 minutes. I have no doubt in my mind or heart that this little cat was giving his pal Reiki and helping with the treatment.

With my own animal companions, my cat Dragon spent 3 days and nights keeping her paws on me after I had a surgery. I felt the energy coming from her when she did this to me and I know she was helping me with my healing process.

There are also times where the highest healing good for the animal is to help to ease their transition from this world to the Spirit world. Though it is sad to see them leave and to see the grief of those they are leaving behind; it is also an awesome privilege to be a part of this process. Being there as a Reiki practitioner during this time of transition is humbling. I have had the honour of being there for several of these and each time it leaves me filled with awe and wonder.

For any Reiki practitioners considering adding animals to their practice I would highly recommend it. My advice would be to watch and listen to the animal, they will show you and teach you. Each of them will be very individual in how they will allow you to work with them. Keep your sense of humour about you and be willing to work with them on their terms (which may also include a lot of time down on the floor). Use petting and massaging as a part of the treatment to help to relax them as they adjust to how the energy feels. And lastly, remember to thank them when you finish for allowing you to touch them in this way.

Aileen has worked as a Reiki practitioner since 1996 and as an Independent Master/Teacher of Reiki since 1998. She uses Reiki to help animals and their people with their healing process and is a Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner (RMT) with the International Association of Reiki Professionals. You can find our more about Aileen's work on her website at www.reikiforcritters.com