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What Better Space

    What Better Space By Alan Rooke 

What better space
Could we ever want to be in
Than the space which we are now in

A space of reunion
With the love of a family
The strength of an ox
And the honesty of a newborn.

We can not help but to feel the awakened
Which has waited until now for our attention

Having felt that which needs attending
We have taken on a new challenge of growth
A challenge of non denial

Painless painfulness is granted to you with the process of these words
Of our feeling of these words
Our altered filing systems relaying a life time of denials
For the truth in our being is the only tonic of cure

A tonic of choice with the fluidity to seep and fill all voids
Gently washing and cleansing in preparation of the moving

As we ride our white chariots of light into the sun
And free our feathered desires
We can rest

We can rest for the knowing that we have found our path
And the way home

Copyright Alan Rooke 2005. All rights reserved.