By Allan Wyatt 
A dull glow appeared in the morning sky to the East, getting ever brighter as the seconds passed.

A row of dark grey clouds low on the horizon started to take on an orange tint, the turning world never faltering in is journey, kept the clouds ever changing in colour to become a deep red, then to turn gold before dispersing in the lightened sky.

Even the cold wind stopped its game of playing with the leaves to look at the beauty that was unfolding. A lone bird started a joyful song, stopped nearly as soon as it started, but it acted as a wake up call to others in the trees and bushes to start the chorus of life.

A fox, its pads making a soft crunch on the frozen grass stopped and smelt the air, then continued its journey to the safety of the forest.

The sky was getting brighter, the sun now a big red orb slowly rising behind the trees, giving long finger like shadows, those shadows of night getting shorter by the minute, the frozen grass now alive with sparkles as if the stars had fallen from the sky and taken up residence on earth for a brief time.

The birds still singing happily started to move from branch to branch to feel the first warmth of the day, the grass moving after its long sleep, beginning to stand tall as the sparkles turned to rainbows in the droplets of water.

A new day was beginning, for some a start, for some an end, for others a continuance of life.

A day that could bring happiness to so many, were it to start as a day of love for all.

We can but do our best to make this happen, each one of us sending out love..