I Am

    I Am By Elizabeth 
Today I remembered
My Mind as the Dreamer.
The Web and the Weaver.
Giver and receiver
Of All Life.

Then I awakened
My Heart, she's my best friend.
So I changed my reality
Saw you, within me
Embraced the Love.

And so I accepted
The burdens of others'.
Like Sisters and brothers
I welcomed them in
Then watched them go.

Here I uncovered
A heart full of blessings.
In a life, learning lessons
Of Breathing and feeling
And Clearing.

Now that I have recovered.
The Divine inner Mother.
Who guides me on my journey.
caring and nurturing me.
Reminding me that I'm always free
If I choose to be
And I Am
I Am
I Am.

Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. Elizabeth.