It Had To Be

    By Nour Kader 
The wonder of a man is believing in himself
No matter what others say
What he achieves in life alone
cannot be written in a day.

His thoughts are deep, sincere and confused
Not easily disuaded but often amused
As to what others think his life depends
And she will despair to her living end

To understand this man whom she loves
That they come first; before she does
If only there was a way to explain
For him to know where lies his domain

That life revolves in time so long
And by tomorrow she will have gone
Too late for him to try and see the light
Too late for her to return and fight

For he who is precious to her heart
Will not understand why she has had to depart
Gone from him and yet still so near
She vowed no one would ever know -
Except the shadow of her tear.