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 Newsletter: Soothingminds October Newsletter

This summer I graduated with a BSc in herbal medicine and am now in the process of setting up a clinic in Watford, Herts. It has been an intense and enjoyable four years and my husband is looking forward to a conversation without the constant tapping of the keyboard in the background. I suspect this is only the beginning of more learning as I delve deeper into the secrets of herbs! I have set up a blog at where I will add interesting articles on herbal medicine.

Medical Herbalists
Traditional herbal medicine, also known as phytotherapy, is the oldest form of practised medicine in the world, used to nurture and restore the body. It is a gentle medicine that is suitable for adults, children and babies. Medical herbalists are trained to take a detailed client case history in order to diagnose and prescribe herbal medication along with nutritional advice. The National Institute of Medical Herbalists is the oldest professional body of herbal practitioners and was established in 1864. There are many conditions that respond well to herbal medication including allergies, menopause, muscular and joint pain, skin conditions, anxiety and stress. Read more...

Lemon Skin Balm
Christopher Hedley and Non Shaw give a wonderful healing and nutritive lotion in their book, Herbal Remedies. The lemon skin balm will moisturise and soften chapped and sensitive skin and according to Christopher, this simple recipe cannot be improved upon. You will need 4 teaspoons lemon juice, 8 teaspoons vegetable oil and one and half to two teaspoons of clear honey. If you make it regularly it is worth buying the best quality oil you can afford - sweet almond oil, wheat germ or peach kernel oil all enrich the skin. Mix ingredients together by putting into a screw top jar and shake well. A perfect body lotion can be made by adding one to one and a half teaspoons of water and if you want your balm or lotion to have a fresh fragrance, add one drop of lemon essential oil.

Visual Music
In their visionary art the Shipibo create complex geometric patterns which convey an all pervading magical reality which can challenge the Western linguistic heritage and rational mind. These intricate patterns are more than an expression of the one-ness of Creation, the inter-changeability of light and sound, or the union of perceived opposites. They are an ongoing dialogue or communion with the spiritual world and powers of the Rainforest. Their art forms bring this paradigm into a physical form. The Ethnologist Angelika Gebhart-Sayer calls this 'visual music'. 

The Colours We Sing
Each colour has a certain energy and quality, relating to the mind, feelings, body and to certain notes of the musical scale. Using colour to develop your voice enhances self-confidence, self expression, musical sensibility and creative flow. You will experience new ways of ‘placing’ the sound in your body and explore tonal qualities and feelings that each colour evokes. Find which colours you sing the best! For anyone who wishes to explore and enhance their voice: professional singers, ‘non-singers’, actors, musicians, songwriters ... A totally unique approach to vocal development. Using coloured light and essences, exercises, visualisations, movement and music to bring out the energy of each colour within your voice. 

Karen Grace is an inspired and award winning vocalist/songwriter with extensive performance experience and head of a top London Pop Music School. She has combined 20 years experience of performing, songwriting, creating workshops and teaching with her training in Aura Soma Colour Therapy and Vibrational Retraining Sound to devise a totally unique approach to voice development. Read more...

Distant Healing
Many people find distant Reiki healing a positive support when times are difficult or in need of an energy boost. Maybe you or someone you know wishes to receive distant Reiki healing? Email your first and last name, town of residence, reason for healing and the number of days to be included in the distant Reiki healing messages to Please do obtain permission if you are requesting healing on behalf of someone else.

O Books Competition
If you want to get ahead, get a cycle. The menstrual cycle consists of optimum times - days of heightened performance skills and abilities. When we ‘match the task to the time’ we have the opportunity to excel beyond our expectations. We can achieve goals and success more easily, get ahead in the workplace, and enhance our feelings of fulfillment.

The Optimized Woman by Miranda Gray presents a flexible plan of practical daily actions for self-development, goal achievement and work enhancement, aligned to the phases of the menstrual cycle. This book will totally change how women think about their cycles. It will change how they live their lives, achieve their goals, plan their work and careers, and create happiness and well being. O Books are giving 5 lucky winners each a copy of Miranda's book - 
click here before 30 November 2009, enter your email address and answer 3 questions - all the answers are in this newsletter!

Magic of Minerals
Jeanette Stein is a naturopathic herbalist and gemmologist living in Australia who has written a book on how she believes minerals heal. Crystals are formed by various combinations of minerals/elements,essential to our very being. While learning about crystallography, it occurred to Jeanette that there must be health benefits to be gained by absorbing minerals through the skin, which is the largest organ of the body... Quartz has the chemical composition of silicon dioxide and is said to be a master healer. Its healing properties enhance communication, concentration and memory and helps to improve the immune system and heal burns. 

Chakra Energy Centres
Traditional writings mention 88,000 chakras. This means that there is scarcely a minute area of the human body which is not a sensitive organ for the reception, transformation and transferral of energies. Most of these chakras are extremely small and only have a minor role to play in the energy system. Approximately 40 secondary chakras can be considered significant. The most important of these are located in the area of the spleen, back of the neck, the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet.

The seven major chakras, which are located along a central, vertical axis along the front of the body, are of such relevance for the functioning of the most important and fundamental aspects of the human body, mind and soul.... 

Bright thoughts.

Frances Watkins

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