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 Newsletter: Soothingminds November Newsletter

Save Herbal Medicine
A huge thank you to everyone who signed the government e-petition in support of statutory regulation for herbalists - we are awaiting a response. May I also ask you to click here and sign the Consultation document before the 16 November 2009, stating that you are in favour of statutory regulation for herbalists and acupuncturists. The Consultation document comprises 24 questions and is ambiguous in many places - the most important thing is to make a personal response to question 24 that illustrates you are in support of statutory regulation - We need to increase public awareness of what will happen if statutory regulation is not given to herbalists and the National Institute of Medical Herbalists' blog at outlines activities you can still do to help before the 16 November.

Energy Therapy
Spiritual Healing is a simple energy therapy carried out by a healer with the intention of bring mind body and spirit into balance.  It is probably the most ancient of all healing therapies and is the foundation of most.  It is based on the belief that the resolution of disharmony or dis-ease in any aspects of our being mind,body or spirit could be achieved by attuning to a non-physical healing energy often referred to as universal consciousness, the divine or god.  It is also supportive to good health and well being. Spiritual healing is complementary to all kinds of medical interventions and other therapies.  It is non invasive and holistic, helping the whole person.  Healers believe the energy will go where it is needed.  
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The Reiki Drum Technique
Michael Baird, a well known American Reiki teacher and Middle Eastern drummer discovered that combining the two therapies enhanced the therapeutic effect following a healing drumming session he carried out at a Reiki retreat in Michigan.  On a scientific level drumming has many physiological effects.  It increases heart rate and blood flow.  It engages both logical left brain and intuitive right brain.  It has been demonstrated that IQ scores have improved after drum playing. Other benefits are improved musical co-ordination and brain activity, physical therapy and stress relief, as well as improved social skills such as team work, self esteem and discipline and improved abstract thought processes.  Large corporations have found drumming helps employees focus attention and improves well being. 
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Distant Healing
Many people find distant Reiki healing a positive support when times are difficult or in need of an energy boost. Maybe you or someone you know wishes to receive distant Reiki healing? Email recipient's first and last name, town of residence, reason for healing and the number of days for distant Reiki healing to If you are requesting healing on behalf of someone else please ask them for permission.

O Books Competition
O Books is giving 5 copies of Plant Spirit Wisdom by Ross Heaven to the winning emails that will be drawn on 31 December. Ross's book reveals the hidden arts of the sin eater, a Celtic expert in healing the soul through shamanic ritual and spiritual herbalism. The ancient Welsh, Irish, and Scottish healers drew their inspiration and talents from the hidden pagan, shamanic, and herbal traditions and especially from sin eating: the understanding that the soul is a web of energy which connects us to everyone and everything. Click here before 31 December for your chance to win a copy of Plant Spirit Wisdom and if you have kept your copy of the October newsletter, there's still time to click on the link for a chance to win a copy of The Optimized Woman by Miranda Gray before 30 November.

Nature has the endless capacity to surprise and fascinate us. Biolumanetics, a new science of healing, was developed by a 62 year old American engineer called Patrick Richards. In 1983 he designed an instrument called a Luminator which balances air temperatures for efficient office energy management. In fact his invention turned out to have a far more important and totally novel application than the one for which is was made. While testing the unit in an open plan office, Richards found that many people reported unexpected health gains, from reduction of stress and migraine levels to disappearance of low back pain. The big question was - Why! 
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Frances Watkins

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