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 Newsletter: Soothingminds August Ezine

Apologies for the long silence - we have moved house yet again and are definitely here to stay! Today's inspiration comes from Doreen Virtue's Archangel Oracle cards with Clairsentience and the message reading: Archangel Raguel - Notice your recurring physical and emotional feelings, as they signify Divine guidance.

Metatronic Healing
This is a new system, received in early 2007 by Pippa Merivale, an author and colour healer. Radical in its effects, it is spreading wide and fast. The instruction Pippa received quite unexpectedly one morning was to “take the story out of the body energetically.” As all homoeopaths know, a remedy must be proved – preferably by oneself – before it is used on others. So Pippa proceeded to listen to the guidance she was given, experimenting with her own body, her own “story”. She was shown seven strands of light, new in that these were energies that presented themselves as colours and textures she had not seen or felt before; she very soon felt them given as a gift, a series of direct transmissions, fed into her crown and heart – and apparently there to stay.  

Crystal Grids
Placing charged crystals in a grid formation magnifies their power in a similar way to many people treating one person with Reiki: the energy increases exponentially. There are a number of ways in which you can create crystal grids, but all have a central crystal and a number of crystals surrounding it. Clear quartz crystals normally have one end where the facets end in a point, so these are the ones I usually use. Placing the points facing towards the centre concentrates the energy in the centre of the grid, whilst placing the points facing outwards allows the energy to dissipate over a wide area. Sometimes it is possible to obtain crystals with points at both ends so they would transmit energy in both directions. 

Revitalizing the System
We are surrounded by the energies of the universal energy field, though we are not often aware of them. From a previous position of unconscious processor, you can consciously work with the energies to bring balance and healing into your life and into the lives of those around you. Before beginning any process of rebalancing or revitalizing, it is necessary to clear the mixture of energies that are already present in the system. In our daily dealing with other people, we cannot always avoid absorbing various energies from them into our own energy field. Some may be beneficial, but others are not. We also absorb energies from buildings, places, even the chairs and seats we sit on. Our thoughts and emotions add further energy components to the aura. 

Win a copy of The Science of Oneness
A worldview for the twenty-first century. Malcom Hollick's book outlines the philosophy and methods of a new Science of Oneness, and takes a fresh look at the finding of modern science. Weaving together the insights of science, spiritual traditions and diverse cultures, it balances openness to all sources of knowledge with critical evaluation of their reliability. We have five copies.  

Quantum Healing
Research on spontaneous cures of cancer, conducted in both the United States and Japan, has shown that just before the cure appears, almost every patient experiences a dramatic shift in awareness. He knows that he will be healed, and he feels that the force responsible is inside himself but not limited to him - it extends beyond his personal boundaries, throughout all of nature. Suddenly, he feels, "I am not limited to my body. All that exists around me is part of myself." At that moment, such patients apparently jump to a new level of consciousness that prohibits the existence of cancer. Then the cancer cells either disappear, literally overnight in some cases, or at the very least stablize without damaging the body any further.

Opal Healing
Judy Hall tells us that Opal is a delicate stone with a fine vibration. It enhances cosmic consciousness and induces psychic and mystical visions. Stimulating originality and dynamic creativity, it aids in accessing and expressing ones' true self. Opal picks up thoughts and feelings, amplifies them and returns them to source. Opal is a protective stone in that, when properly programmed, it makes you unnoticeable or invisible. Emotionally, Opal has always been assoicated with love and passion, desire and eroticism. Opal shows you what your emotional state has been in the past, especially in other lives, and teaches how to take responsibility for how you feel.  

Sacred Contracts
Carlolyn Myss says "you will never finish the process of of choice and surrender until you have surrendered all to the will of the Divine. Just when you feel you've reached your limits, you are pushed further. Perhaps your career or a relationship seems to decline faster, for instance the harder you try to revive it. Then maybe you decide to let God take over your life's direction, come what may, and it takes off, but in an unexpected direction . Or perhaps you feel an inner urging to try a more creative line of work that is financially risky but could repay you with a deeper sense of fulfillment. Should you follow your intuition?  

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