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Inspiration today comes from Harry Moody and David Caroll's book 'The Five Stages of the Soul' : Each of us must make our own search and our own choices. Do remember, though, that seeking has one purpose only: finding. And that once you've found, this stage of the spiritual journey is completed. "There are many gates into the Garden, "a Sufi aphorism says, "But to enter the garden you must pass through only one."

Soul Contract Readings
Have you ever wondered what your life purpose might be or what kind of special talents you have yet to discover? Are you in need of clarity, direction or confirmation of where you are heading? Would you like to understand more about your relationships? A Soul Contract Reading can help you discover all this and more says Catherine Steer, Master Teacher and Healer and Practitioner of Soul Contract Readings. The system is based on the ancient Hebrew which is one of the 5 sacred languages. The name that we are given at birth holds the resonance of a certain sound which in turn attracts to us all that we need to experience in order to learn our lessons, achieve our goals and optimise our talents.

Colour and Light Therapy
Light is life. Without light, foods wouldn't not grow, flowers would not bloom and the life of animals and man would simply disappear. Sunshine raises jour spirits and quite literally lights up our lives. But perhaps we take light too much for granted; people are often surprised that it contains a direct and powerful healing agency. That wasn't always so. Throughout history, many cultures have used colour as a healing modality. The Ancient Egyptians used rooms lighted with specific colours in the treatment of disease, as well as coloured gemstones placed on specific points on the body. The Tibetans to this day use medicine made up of different coloured gemstones. In India, water is charge with particular colours known to affect certain organs and then drunk to bring about healing.  

Flower Meditation
This month I have recorded one of my all time favourite meditations to share with you. It plays for just under 10 minutes and is a colour guided visualisation to help you relax, renew and rejuvinate. It was recorded at dawn in the Chess Valley so comes complete with all the sounds of nature at sunrise. This is a free download and we'd love to hear what you think. 

Vibrational Sound Therapy
Everything vibrates. Everything in the body vibrates, all at its own special frequency. This is a scientific fact. When we are thrown out of balance through physical, emotional or psychic shocks, parts of our bodies and psyche can weaken or overload, creating distorted and unbalanced vibrations. The Chinese have known this for centuries, and the recognition of this over concentration or lack of energy is the basis for the traditional healing art of Acupuncture and the more recently, Kinesiology.

Bija Mantras
Usharbudh Arya describes the bija-mantras as being the most potent of all. They definitely belong to no language and are not found in any dictionary. They have no gender and declensions. They are combinations of letters that represent the relationship between the kundalini (life energy) and the Supreme Consciousness (Sacred Sound), and their specific rays (elemental archetypes)... An attempt to understand them intellectually will be futile.' Bija means seed and the bijas of the energy centres are 'seeds of sound'.  The bija system uses vowels and consonants comparable to the principles of yin and yang. Vowels represent feminine energy and consonants represent masculine energy.

Yoga is not one-size-fits-all regime. The traditional Indian yoga teacher would give each student individual instructions. The individual as a whole being would be cared for and any special condition or need catered to, whether this was an agitated mind, a persistent health condition, or simply to maintain good health. With practice, we develop an intuitive feeling for each pose. We taste the flavour of each exercise and are then able to alter the combination of our yoga ingredients to those that best suit our aims for that session. Yoga rooted in Eastern thought, considers each individual as more than just a mind inhabiting a body.

Resonance Repatterning
Imagine a process completely unique to you every time you experience it. A method able to go quickly into core issues in your life, those limiting beliefs we all carry with us that affect everything we experience. Picture identifying and changing those beliefs in a fun and creative way. This is Resonance Repatterning. It is a therapeutic experience whereby the practitioner can check your positive or negative resonance to statements, needs and desires and then ask your body for the appropriate modality to help you empower yourself.  

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