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 Newsletter: Soothingminds January 2007

Cranio-Sacral Therapy
Cranio-Sacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle, hands-on method of checking and improving the functioning of the cranio-Sacral system - comprised of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord.  This goes all around the brain and down to the base of the spine.  Normally the cerebral-spinal fluid circulates all through the area around the brain and spinal cord, pumped through by small movements of the occiput bone at the back of the skull and sacrum at the base of the spine.  If the membranes around the brain and spinal cord are twisted or tense, or the bones of the skull and spine are not moving well, the fluid around the nervous system cannot circulate properly.  Toxins build up in the fluid as it stagnates and there are fewer nutrients available to the tissues in and around the nervous system.

The Wonder of I Ching
Fundamentally the I Ching is just a book, albeit a very old, very wise and profound book.  The Book of Changes or "I Ching" in Chinese is said to be over 3000 years old and is used for Divination. Through the use of symbolic Hexagrams the I Ching helps guide us towards the solutions to life's problems and situations.  The I Ching may also be read as a book of wisdom revealing the laws of life to which we can all attune ourselves so that we may live in peace and harmony.  

Laughter Therapy
Laughter therapy is the latest stress-busting, health-enhancing trend to take the well-being world by storm. According to new research by Ocean Village holidays, we’ve never needed it more - 16 million of us fail to enjoy a proper belly laugh even just once a day and the amount we laugh on a daily basis is a staggering three times lower than it was in the 1950s. These days, we spend so much of our time glued to the television for ‘entertainment’ and waiting for others to make us laugh when we can create laughter ourselves with simple, fun and easy exercises…after all, laughter is on everyone’s lips. 

Affirmations as Healing Tools
Jack Angelo says in his book 'Your Healing Power' an affirmation is a phrase in the form of a messages to the personality. It is a very powerful healing tool that can reprogram the destructive messages of the conditioned mind. By working on the source of these negative programmes, which are identified as trapped energies in, or between, the chakras, you can change the messages of the conditioned mind from self-doubt and self-loathing to those which are self-enhancing, life-supporting energies of security, value and love.

Affirmations are simple and effective ways to back up such work, to help a person regain power and restore energy balance. By linking with the heart chakra to create an affirmation, you can receive guidance on how to develop a certain quality or deal with a particular circumstance. Your higher self knows what is holding you back and knows the exact wording of the affirmation you need. When you repeat your affirmation at the beginning and end of the day, you reprogram your mind and change your energy field in a positive way. During healing programmes, patients have gained enormous benefit from using their own simple, creative phrases.  

Colour Healing
Babbitt was a 'Renaissance man', a writer/philosopher, physician and artist in the 19th Century. His works easily won the hearts and minds of the people and he was soon heralded as the 'miracle man of healing'. Incorporating his theories, many Victorian homeowners installed coloured glass in their windows, many thousands of which are still in place to this day. The custom of coloured-glass windows has recently found a new popularity in our times, though for aesthetic, rather than health reasons. Babbitt developed several healing 'devices'. One such tool was the 'chromo lens'. Chromo lenses were actually bottles made of various colours of glass constructed so they could be hung in front of a light source. Water was placed in the 42oz (1 litre) bottles and charged-up' in the light. After a period of time the patient would ingest the treated water. Babbitt also used a cabinet which he called the 'thermolume' which used natural sunlight. He later added artificial light, using an electric arc lamp. 

Healing Energy
Barbara Ann Brennan says 'Both Edgar Cayce and Jane Roberts speak of multi-dimensional reality where all our past and future are being lived now, each in its own dimension, and say that each personality in each dimension is a part of an expression of a greater soul or greater being. According to Roberts, we can penetrate into these other dimensions or 'lives' to bring knowledge and understanding for transformation. By doing this , this dimension or our present lives can transform our other lives and dimensions. Or, said in more popular terms, how we live now in what we call this life affects both our past and future lives. All of these things are quite hard to understand, but they service to help point out and challenge the limitations in our thinking about the nature of reality. 

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