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 Newsletter: Soothingminds November Ezine

Today I have drawn upon the "The Green Man Tree Oracle" for inspiration and guidance - asking for the highest good of all Soothingminds ezine readers. Yew was the chosen card. Much of yew's symbolism is concerned with transcendence, the transcendence that arises from death. However, 'death' does not necessarily mean physical ending - more the end of one way of life and rebirth into a new one - if we continue to persevere, the tasks we undertake are more likely to be achieved.

Flowers of The Soul
With the re-emergence around the world of soul retrieval techniques, it seemed to me that the world was ready to reclaim its lost soul, and that people should be able to reclaim lost soul qualities for themselves. I also felt that much could be done to prevent the soul wounding that takes place, if people were only conscious of how their behaviour and thoughts could wound themselves and others. Laureen Rama began giving variations on a talk about soul retrieval and preventing soul wounding and suggested that people put out a strong intention to reclaim a specific soul quality in whatever way worked for them - journaling, ritual focusing thoughts; to continue broadcasting this intention, and to pay attention to what happened. 

Emotional Freedom Technique
Emotional Freedom Technique commonly known as EFT is a modern and growing form of personal development and therapy.  It is all about returning the mind, body and spirit to a state of balance and harmony so that you are not limited by negative emotions.  Although it is still often overlooked, emotional health is absolutely essential to your physical health, wellbeing and healing.  No matter how intent you are on a proper diet and lifestyle, you will not achieve your body’s ideal healing and preventative powers if emotional barriers stand in your way.  Even though you are able to recover from unpleasant experiences or thought patterns, you can be affected by recurring emotions and health issues from past events, such as relationships, trauma or loss.  You can also be affected by ongoing or future events.  

Essential Ayurveda
In my opinion, everyone would benefit from a basic understanding of Ayurveda, since Ayurveda is the branch of yogic science that specifically deals with how to obtain and maintain optimal physical and mental health, both of which are pre-requisites for the practise of yoga. Consider verse I.30 from ‘The Yoga Sutras’. Here Patanjali clearly states that there are various obstacles that limit our practice of yoga including illness, mental disturbance, overindulgence and fatigue. It is in this context that Ayurveda is needed in the practice of yoga, as it provides a clear understanding of how to prevent these afflictions.

Amethyst Goddess
Amethyst is a natural healing colour - one of the first many people 'see' when receiving healing energy and the body is being rejuvenated. Amethyst energy will help you find a part of you as yet undiscovered; it will help you to be more receptive to new ideas and will assist you in dissolving fears and building self esteem and ultimately, bring us peace and inner harmony. Amethyst is a colour of protection and creates a strong force field of protection which you can use in a visualisation to seal your auric field. Essential oils that vibrate on amethyst include juniper, lavender, frankincense, sage, violet and basil to name but a few. 

Yield To The Current of Life
Ian White tells us the main healing quality of Boab is to clear the negative patterns of the ancestors - the limiting, dysfunctional, emotional and mental beliefs and patterns that are invariably learnt and passed on from genration to generation. Boab can access and clear these core patterns and all the related ensuring beliefs. Boab is helpful for people who have experienced abuse, persecution or prejudice. It is also for clearing the environment of negative energies. Boab offers us great strength and the opportunity to perceive our true spiritual essence, unencumbered by the layer and layer of ancient and outmoded models of behaviour and thinking that are not what or who we really are.  

How Flowers Speak to Us
Flowers are some of our most important messengers. Ted Andrews says "It is important to learn as much about the flower you encounter as possible. How and where does it grow? Under what climatic conditions does it best unfold? Learn all that you can about its growing process and all of its parts: roots, bulbs, stems, leaves, flowers etc. Each aspect has significance and can help you to define how the archetypal energies working through it will manifest within in your own life. The Doctrine of Signatures is one of the most important ways of determining the messages of a plant - especially flowers. The shape of the flower, the shape of its petals, the number of petals etc, help us get into greater details of the message for example, the milk thistle has white veins on its leaves which is reflective of being a good herb for nursing mothers. Next time you take a walk notice what flower is catching your eye.

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