Ode to Baldrick

Leopard like hunter
Tall and sleek
Grey mackerel markings
White, soft underneath
Nose nestling into my back at night
Blue eyes burning, your greeting to life
Paws squidged daily
What a delight
to be trusted so well by a creature of flight
Always constant there as my friend
Loved on the block by feline and men
A major good ratter and house visitor yes
You were a two timing bugger
but sure you loved me the best (:
You taught me to slow
to say hello
to notice you beautiful
you vibrant soul
Roly and I miss you
but you won't be a ghost
because you live in my heart
where I know you the most
Hanging out the washing will never be the same again .... it was complete joy for me when Balders and Roly played havoc with a sheet ...many happy days.
Since writing this poem, Paula has written many more verses - have a look at http://exhibitions.weebly.com/the-poetry-page-ongoing-collection.html

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