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 Newsletter: Soothingminds June 2009 Ezine

Completion has a deep sense of satisfaction and at the same time, a readiness for new things to begin. Studying for the last four years has allowed me to discover more about myself and especially, in recent months, accessing and transmuting old emotions that I thought were resolved a long time ago! This time, it was possible to physically connect with the emotion and remember the associated pain, freeing up more inner space to connect with my heart centre.

Music, Colour and Taste
There's nothing like a bit of Messiaen, or Sibelius, or Liszt to soothe the soul and stimulate the senses. If the music of these composers seems especially evocative, it's probably not by chance. Each experienced "coloured hearing", an involuntary mingling of the senses in which individual notes trigger specific colours. A young Swiss musician, known as E.S., goes one better. Not only is she a "tone-to-colour synaesthete" – as the composers' condition is known - she's also the first-known "interval-to-taste synaesthete". According to neuropsychologist Lutz Jaencke and his colleagues at the University of Zurich, E.S. has the remarkable ability to "taste" musical intervals on her tongue, as well as seeing tones as colours. To her eyes, ears and taste buds, for instance, a major sixth is low-fat cream and a minor sixth is full-fat cream, while C is red and F sharp is violet. Surprisingly, these sensory links only go one-way: the 27-year-old does not hear tone intervals or see colours when exposed to tastes. Unsurprisingly, she uses her uniquely linked sensations to identify tone intervals, doing so faster than five other musicians the team tested.

Astrology and Wellbeing
Astrology is a powerful tool for understanding our emotional and mental constitution and our predisposition to life.  All of which can be instrumental in shaping the dynamics behind our emotional, mental and physical difficulties.  Perhaps it is no surprise that centuries ago, medicine was not practiced without the knowledge of astrology. Each zodiac sign rules areas or organs of the body that could be vulnerable or have the potential to become imbalanced, so it is helpful to recognize the sort of thinking or feelings that may impact these areas.   Below is a very brief description of each sign and the parts of the body they rule.  They are listed in opposite pairs, because of the polarity operating in astrology.  For example, if you are Aries you will share some of the same qualities, vulnerabilities and potential illnesses as your opposite sign Libra.  If you do know what sign the Moon was in when you were born or your ascendant sign, then read these sections too, as they will have a bearing on your personality and health.   This is a general guide, and only potential weaknesses and likely illnesses are indicated. While you may recognize your weak spots, it does not mean that the illnesses associated with each sign will necessarily manifest. Equally never ignore symptoms simply because they are not associated with your sign. Read more...

Send Distant Healing
Many people find distant Reiki healing a positive support when times are difficult or in need of an energy boost. Maybe you or someone you know wishes to receive distant Reiki healing? Email your first and last name, town of residence, reason for healing and the number of days to be included in the distant Reiki healing messages to Please do obtain permission if you are requesting healing on behalf of someone else.

Wonders of Numerology
What is numerology? Do you have a favourite number? Do you wonder what significance your birthday has other than the astrological connection? Maybe you've read somewhere that the number of your house could have significant meaning on how comfortable you are living there. When you studied Pythagoras at school, the teachers probably omitted to mention that he was one of the single most important figures in history when it comes to how we think about and integrate numbers into daily living. Numbers are not just part of mathematics and science; many believe that they have a significant impact on every aspect of life. Numerology is a study of the impact that numbers have on our lives, and it is likely that your lucky number is linked to your own vibrational energies derived from your date of birth or your name. Intrigued?

Rescued by Angels
Counsellor and Natural Healer, Philippa Merivale shares her personal journey through financial ruination, divorce, loss of home, health and the near-death of two of her three children. But the solace and the destination are given in the title: angelic rescue comes in all kinds of ways before you are finally introduced to the new and quite startling healing system that is rapidly spreading to bring about radical and positive change in lives around the globe. Metatronic healing supports our transformation as we lift out the stories that we have outgrown.
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Animal Missions
The concept of having a purpose in life is something many people may muse over at some stage in their life.  However, the likelihood of their pet actually having a purpose in life is a bit far-fetched.  Or is it?  Now here’s the thing.  Animals are not the dumb, insentient creatures that we’ve been encouraged to believe they are and do indeed have a purpose beyond simply being our companions or looking cute at the end of a leash.  Since animals cannot talk, we need to find a way of tuning into them. As with all things, some people are better at this than others and many people these days make a living as animal communicators. 

Ode to Baldrick
Paula has many talents and whilst I was aware of her poetry, I had no idea so much had flowed in recent months. Make yourself a cuppa and after reading An Ode to Baldrick click on the link and enjoy more of Paula's writing.

Bright thoughts

Frances Harris

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