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 Newsletter: Soothingminds December Ezine

This is the sixth Soothingminds Christmas email - thank you for all the wonderful feedback over the years and as usual, December is dedicated to you with a personal poem from me. If any of you are feeling creative there is a poem page on the Soothingminds web site - all you need to do is email me your poem together with your name and I will post it on the site. Wishing you a peaceful festive season and a prosperous 2008. Remember too that there is still time to enter the quiz (click on the link in tthe last newsletter before 31 December)

Open Door

Next time you stand and look at yourself in the mirror
Listen and acknowledge the essence within
It will guide you and show you the appropriate steps
In fulfilling your mission in this physical life

You are a beautiful soul with a divine purpose
Experiencing many aspects of human emotion
The bliss, the suffering and the incomprehensible
Are all doorways to assisting others
When someone is lost in their own circumstances
They need you to open up new possibilities
And gently guide them in accepting their anguish
As a precious gift in realising personal fears

Take your torch of unconditional love
And light up the path of shared experience
May the universal life force engulf you, protect you
And give you all the inspiration you seek in this life

Bright thoughts